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Can't Afford to Advertise?:   Start a Search Engine

IRVING, Texas – Many small companies could soon follow’s lead. The Internet, computer parts seller, is the first company to develop an exclusive purpose search engine for computer products called Interloper. The search engine is expected to be an outlet for increased visibility and sales during a time when the small company does not have the revenue to advertise.

Through search engines, many small Internet based computer companies can unite, giving their companies the visibility that enables them to level the playing field with companies that have huge advertisement budgets. Companies register on Interloper for free, gaining greater exposure to computer product consumers. Many consumers will locate and buy products from companies that they previously didn’t know existed.

Interloper exclusively provides fast, easy access to a large number of computer products, services, companies and employment listings. Users locate products through Interloper’s browser that lists all computer products under specific categories for hardware, software, services, supplies and employment. Users may also conduct a general search as well. All listings are accompanied by complete summaries about the available product.

Interloper enables participating companies to avoid the misrepresentation of their products that frequently occurs on general purpose search engines. "Interloper is an extension of," says founder and Interloper creator Najeeullah Khan. "We sell hardware, and it is very frustrating for us to see search engines that do not give the true picture of exactly what we are trying to sell." Every company listed on the search engine will benefit from having consumers who are specifically looking for the products that they offer.

Interloper allows vendors to determine the location of the company listing depending upon which type of product they provide. "They know their products better than we do. We let them determine the description of the product, what the key words should be, and what category it falls under," Khan says.

"We let them figure that out, classify the information accordingly, and then we present it through Interloper to the public. Let the consumers decide whether the customer likes the product or whether they need to use a certain company or not."

The relationship that the search engine has built between, companies, customers and vendors is invaluable. Interloper is a real time database that immediately places a company’s listing on the search engine as soon as the registration process is complete. Companies may instantly access vital information about the type of listing they have, how their information is listed, how many times that listing was viewed and how many times the site was visited after it was first viewed. sends participating companies a monthly, total calculation of this information.

"To the vendor, Interloper provides a great level of detail that any marketing company will really relish," Khan said.

Interloper is also a great source for affordable advertising for small companies. Companies may purchase affordable premium placements in the form of preferred listings, button or banner advertisements. Company advertisements can appear in general rotation or they can be linked to categories, key words or specified pages listing particular types of products.

Interloper is revolutionary, as it will give small web based computer dealers a medium for considerable visibility and growth and computer product consumers will find a quick, hassle-free way to locate the products they need.

More significantly, however, is how an effort to make web purchases of computer products less cumbersome could enable small Internet based companies to reach the top of the industry.


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