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Hope for the Old:   New Life For Old Computers

IRVING, Texas -- Throughout the PC revolution, big name computer retailers like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Office Depot etc. have focussed on marketing the latest lines of computer products, a practice that has isolated consumers who wish to upgrade or maintain older systems. recognizes this market and uses the Internet to reach it.

"We sell both state of the art products as well as old and obsolete items and everything in between, but our strength is finding the parts that people need to keep their current systems running" says founder Najeeullah Khan.

"We scour the whole country and if needed the whole world to find those parts.

"A good example is a recent order that we filled for a company in UK.

"They needed 400 hard drives of a model that was discontinued but the product specifications required that specific drive.

"We acquired those drives from eight different sources, some from overseas, to fill that order.

"It took us four months to dig out all the drives but we got the job done."

Not every customer needs hundreds of drives. Most customers in fact need just one or two items and that is just fine with the staff. Whether it is a $10 CMOS battery or a $2500 SCSI hard drive, the company welcomes them all. Sixty percent of all customers are home users and forty percent are corporate.

Certain industrial machines and defense equipment use computers inside them to control various functions. Many of these machines were made 10 – 20 years ago and those computers and their parts have long been discontinued, but they have to have those computer parts to keep expensive machinery running. A defective $200 part can stop a $5 million machine. That’s when these industries call

Laptop users are another group that relies on for help. Models change very frequently and often, the newer laptops from the same vendor use parts that are incompatible with previous versions. So if someone has an IBM ThinkPad that was bought four years ago and they have lost the AC Adapter or the CD-ROM drive is dead, IBM may not have the replacement parts or they may be too expensive. When people find themselves in such situations, they contact

"We will find you those items, new or used but in 95 percent of the cases, we will find them for you and keep your unit working," Khan says.

"Another market segment is home users who just want to give their old systems just enough juice to send e-mail and surf the web, but do not want to spend $800-$1000 for a new computer.

"Many people call us and say they want to upgrade their older 486 or Pentium for their kids to get started on or for their parents to communicate with them via e-mail.

"Retail stores usually can’t help them because they are in the business of moving complete boxes.

"These people don’t want to buy a new system.

"They just want enough features added to their older system to do a task like sending and receiving e-mail.

"Often an overdrive processor, a little more memory and a faster modem will do that trick."

Whether the customer needs an overdrive processor, 30-pin memory, an old Fast SCSI drive, a new battery for their laptop or a state of the art LVD drive, is there to help.

"We try to help the customer any way we can," Khan said. remains a small company and it does not do any advertising. People strictly find the company while doing research on the Internet. They conduct a search on their favorite search engine like Yahoo or Interloper or Alta Vista etc. and the search engine usually directs them to’s web site.

There is a good chance that the customer will find what he or she is looking for on’s vast web site but if they don’t, they are always encouraged to e-mail gets more than 200 e-mails and about 100 telephone calls a day. Every time the company does research for a customer, the answer is posted on the web site. Maybe some body else needs the same item.

"We keep expanding our product offerings because our customers keep leading us into areas we haven’t charted before," Khan says.

"We used to sell just two products in early 1996, namely memory and modems, today we sell more than 5,000 parts." may be reached on the Internet at by phone at 1-800-290-0189.

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