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A year ago, Tim Sheenfield, a wide area network analyst for Koch Industries, needed to locate four 20 GIG hard drives for the company’s MFM UNIX based satellite system. Without the hard drives, Koch Industries’ satelite systems could have suffered a communications outage. Through search engines on the Internet, Sheenfield scrambled to locate the much needed hard drives. He found, a website that provides computer replacement parts and upgrade kits for customers. Sheenfield contacted Khan to see if the company had the hard drives that he desperately needed., like some many times before, was able to locate the parts for his customer and Koch Industries satellite systems didn’t miss a beat.

"If we didn’t have the four hard drives we had last year, we would have been sunk. It’s the core of our communications network," Sheenfield said.

Sheenfield’s story exemplifies a problem so often encountered by many businesses and industries. Industrial machines and defense equipment use computers inside them to control various functions. Many of these machines were made 10 – 20 years ago and those computers and their parts have long been discontinued, but they have to have those computer parts to keep expensive machinery running. A defective $200 part can stop a $5 million machine dead in it’s tracks.

As in the case of Tim Sheenfield, helps business and industry find the computer parts and upgrades they need. "We scour the whole country and if needed, the whole world to find those parts," said founder Najeeullah Khan.

In many cases, the staff at must do some detective work to locate the parts. A company based in the United Kingdom recently contacted, needing 400 hard drives of a discontinued model for a product that required that specific drive and devoted their efforts towards finding those parts.

"We acquired those drives from eight different sources, some from overseas, to fill that order," said founder Najeeullah Khan.

"It took us four months to dig out all those drives but we got the job done."

The great demand for computer replacement parts and upgrade kits among business and industry is evident in the 200 e-mails and 100 telephone calls that the company receives each day.

There is a good chance that the customer will find what he or she is looking for on’s vast web site but if they don’t, they are always encouraged to e-mail

Every time the company does research for a customer, the answer is posted on the web site for those who need the item.

This year, Sheenfield sought out four more 20 GIG hard drives to use as spare parts to keep the MFM UNIX based system reliable. Once again, Sheenfield contacted "I have to keep things running," Sheenfield said.

"It is nice to be able to call some one that knows what you need and where to get it," Sheenfield said.

Sheenfield is in the process of decommissioning Koch Industries’ current system and it is likely that he will have to seek a wide variety of replacement components when the news system is completed.

"I’m perfectly content to keep coming back. You can’t find those parts anywhere else," Sheenfield said.

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