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IRVING, Texas -- Throughout the technology revolution, computer retailers have solely marketed new cutting edge technologies, a practice that has left consumers wishing to upgrade or maintain older systems, a largely untapped market. recognizes this market and uses the Internet to reach them. Such efforts pay dividends for the company.

The seven-year-old company also provides consumers with the latest technologies, but the company’s strength is in appealing to customers wishing to simply upgrade or replace components for older systems.

"We sell both ends and everything in between, but our advantage is that we are the Sherlock Holmes of the computer parts market," said founder Najeeullah Khan.

Khan and the staff are inundated daily with calls from consumers who would rather upgrade their older computer systems as opposed to purchasing a new computer.

Industries rely on to help keep their vital computer systems maintained.

Many industries and the military must often seek to replace rare or obsolete computer components for expensive, specialized machinery.

In such cases, business is halted, profits are lost and businesses suffer the high price of either installing a new computer system or completely replacing multi-million-dollar machinery.

The components may be old and obsolete, but when industry depends upon them, industry must have them. serves these industries by providing them with the products they need.

According to Khan, will search for any computer product to satisfy a customer.

"We ask the customer what they want, and then we find it for them," Khan said.

The staff is constantly on the phone, looking to locate rare and discontinued computer components around the world.

The efforts of the staff have paid off as the company’s margin is above industry averages.

According to Khan,’s constant effort to meet customer demands gives the company versatility and unlimited potential for success.

"We try to help the customer any way we can," Khan said.

"We keep expanding our product offerings because our customers keep leading us into areas we haven’t charted before." may be reached on the Internet at or by phone at 1-800-290-0189.

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