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Irving, Texas – has launched Interloper, the first Internet search engine dedicated to computer products and services.

"Interloper is meant to bring computer vendors and users closer and save them time," says Interloper designer Najeeullah Khan. "If you are looking to buy computer products and services, this is the search engine for you."

Unlike general-purpose search engines, Interloper only covers products and services. Interloper does not index school term papers, Usenet postings, chat room discussions or computer related articles. Interloper is strictly for consumers who are looking for computer hardware, software, supplies or services. Interloper also has a section on computer related employment.

Users may narrow a search by sub-sorting for the type of computer and the type of operating system for which the product is designed. "If you are looking for an accounting software for a UNIX system, then Interloper will present you only with accounting software for UNIX based systems. If you need a bigger hard drive for a PC, then that is exactly what you will get," Khan says.

"There are thousands of search engines, but they are very frustrating for users who want to buy a specific item. When you conduct a search on a general purpose search engine like Alta Vista, Infoseek, Excite etc., for say a DVD-ROM drive, the search engine will bring up hundreds of thousands of pages about DVD movie titles instead of bringing up only DVD drives," said Khan. "People are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and frustrated by the bulk of it being irrelevant to their search.

"Interloper provides pin-pointed answers."

Khan says Interloper will also be an asset to computer vendors. Vendor pages are often misrepresented by general-purpose search engines that index and describe pages using computer software called robots. Interloper allows vendors to write their own descriptions and determine the location of the company listing depending upon which type of product they provide.

"They know their products better than we do. We let them determine the description of the product, what the key words should be, and what category it falls under," Khan says. "Who else is more qualified to describe their products than the vendors themselves. We let them do it."

Through Interloper’s real time database, vendors can access vital information about how many times their listing was viewed and how many times people clicked on the link to their site. No other search engine provides this kind of detail to vendors. Interloper sends listed vendors a monthly e-mail with statistics about their listings and advertisements. This is the type of information that vendors love to have.

Khan also said he expects Interloper to provide a large number of small computer companies an outlet for affordable advertising in the form of banner and button advertisements and preferred listings.

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