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SCSI 3-in-1 SCA Mobile Rack

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  • Backplane design for optimum performance and best compatibility
  • Suitable for up to three 3.5" x 1" form factor HDDs (you can just put one or two pieces only.)
  • 80-pin SCA , single-end or LVD
  • Hot-Swappable latch controlled tray interface
  • Built-in fan failure alarm on backplane
  • Built-in DIP switch ID selector on backplane
  • Built-in jumper control terminator on backplane (available for single-end version only)
  • One power LED and three HDD LED's
  • Reset function


  • Connector: 80-pin SCA connector
  • Dimensions: 5.74" x 3.31" x 9.37" (W x D x H)
  • Material: solid steel body (Black only)
  • 1X6cm. cooling fan
  • 3 x Hot-Swappable HDD trays for each enclosure


  • Terminator and interconnect cable (to make more than two 3-in-1SCA boxes work in series)

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