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ADS TV Tuner

ADS TV Tuner
PCI TV Tuner Video Card
  • Intel Intercast & WaveTop Wavephone Compatible
  • Includes Installation Video on CD ROM

TV Tuner Features:

  • Watch TV and video on your PC
  • Fully scalable video window - use your PC while you watch TV

WaveTop Features:
Wavetop allows the user to download data at incredible speeds using a standard TV and Intel's Intercast technology.
Amazingly enough, it's all free and does not require an internet connection!

Free Channels Included are:

  • NewsTop - delivers the latest news, sports, weather and entertainment
  • StopTop - provides streaming investment information and a regularly-updated stock ticker
  • KidsTop - offers fun, interactive, educational content from brand name children oriented programers
  • FunTop - provides the latest samples of games, music, recipes, comics, horoscopes and book reviews
  • FamilyTop - includes current topics on parenting, working women, fashion and travel
  • TechTop - allows users to receive freeware and shareware software, bug fixes, updates/upgrades, hot sites, PC catalog sales and more!

Software Included:

  • TV Task Bar
  • Video Splice
  • Wave Splice
  • Pixel Pusher - Bitmap Editor
  • Intel Intercast(tm)
  • Intel Smart Guide
  • Real Video Encoder
  • Real Audio Encoder
  • Real Player
  • Cu-C-Me (3.0 Trial Version)

This Package Includes:

  • Channel Surfer TV Card - PCI interface
  • 120 page - comprehensive users manual
  • CD-ROM Video Tutorial
  • Application Software (see above list)
  • Quick install guide
  • ADS Tech warranty card
  • Wavetop Guide
  • Intel Wavetop promotional offers