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General information:

A DVD drive is the latest computer hardware advancement for data storage, especially for full screen motion video. A DVD drive can play CD-ROM, CD audio, CD photo, as well as DVD-ROM and DVD video. Most people though buy DVD drives for watching movies on their laptop or playing games.

Why an external DVD drive?

The BEx Drive DVD-1PCM brings the power and flexibility of DVD technology to notebook PCs. It comes with a DVD drive, Margi DVD decoder and cable and connects through the PCMCIA port.

The Margi DVD decoder takes over the task of decoding the movie so you can watch it on your laptop. This is a very compute intensive process. If you don't use the Margi DVD Decoder, you will have to use software decoding but for that you need a 400Mhz or above processor to smoothly run a movie. The Margi decoder allows you to play a DVD on a low end Pentium system provided you have a ZV compatible PCMCIA slot.

The BEx Drive can draw power from your laptop through the PCMCIA card but if you need to conserve your batteries, you can connect the power adapter to a wall outlet. Power adapter is included.

Auto sensing power supply works with both 110 and 220 volts.

Supports Windows 3.xx, Win95/98, and Win NT.

For pricing on the BEx external dvd drives, Click Here.