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External USB Hard Drive Case / Enclosure


Case Category: USB ATA 3.5in HDD enclosure case Drive size: Enclosure will hold 1-3.5" IDE hard drive
Interface Port: USB USB speed: 11 to 12 Mbits/sec
Drive Enclosure Dimensions: 8"L x  5"W x 1.25"H
LED: Power on/off, hard drive
Power Source: USB and AC Adapter. Auto sensing 110/240 Volts AC input. Color: Translucent Teal
Gross Weight:  2 lbs. Drivers: Windows 95/98, 2000 and Macintosh OS 8.5
Package Includes: 1 hard drive enclosure, 1 USB cable, 1 installation/users manual, 1 software diskette, 1 AC power adapter. (see illustration below)

Bex-HD-1USB35 Front Bex-HD-1USB35 Back Bex-HD-1USB35 Inside
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The BEx-HD1USB35 is for those who want to put their spare 3.5" IDE hard drives to good use. Install your hard drive in this external enclosure, install the drivers on your desktop/laptop, connect the enclosure via a USB card / port and you are in business.

Primary Uses of external hard drives:

  1. Adds disk capacity to your laptop without removing your original drive.
  2. For those laptops that cannot be upgraded internally, an external drive provides an excellent source of additional storage space.
  3. Backup Source. Backup your laptop's internal hard drive to the external hard drive. Besides being portable, you can restore much faster from an external hard drive than a tape.
  4. Alternative to carrying laptops. If you know your destination will have a computer with a USB port, instead of carrying a complete system or laptop, just carry the drive with all your applications. Connect it to a computer at your destination and start working. Less weight to carry.
  5. Put your spare hard drives to good use. Install them in the external case and use them on your desktop or laptop computer.

You can format and partition a hard drive using this enclosure with DOS, Windows 95/98 just like any other direct connect hard drive. You can't boot off it though, i.e., it cannot be your only hard drive.

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