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Cheese  Video Box

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The cheese box has been discontinued. Click here for the replacement product

A fun way to add video-in function to your VGA monitor

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  • Take any video source (video games, camcorder, VCR, VCD, DVD player, or TV) plug it into the Cheese Video Box and see it on your VGA monitor with amazing high quality.

  • Just connect Cheese Video Box to your VGA monitor and then to any external video source and you will see the picture you want.  Its really simple!


  • Play Video Games on a VGA monitor

  • Multimedia Presentations, including projector

  • See video program source from camcorder, VCR, VCD, DVD player or TV

  • And many more


The Cheese Video Box has

  • Video Double Scan (15KHz to 31KHz) Conversion

  • Automatic Detect Video format NTSC M, PAL B/G, PAL I, PAL D/K

  • Two kinds of Video input (4 pin Mini Din for S-Video in and RCA JACK for composite video in)

  • Built in blue screen free-run runction (If no input signal is detected)

System Requirements

  • VGA monitor (Use the Cheese Video Box with or without computer system*)


  • Cheese Video Box

  • Manual

  • A/C Power Adapter

  • Cable to connect the Cheese Video Box to computer system*

*You can use the Cheese Video Box with or without a computer system.  To use without a system simply plug your VGA monitor cable into the Cheese Video Box and plug your video source into the box. You can use the included cable to connect the box through your system.  The Cheese Video Box has an on/off button so you can switch what is shown on the screen, the computer output or the output from the box.


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