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Computer Clock Batteries
(CMOS Batteries)

Information regarding the Houston Tech HT12888A (CMOS):

We have discovered that Houston Tech has discontinued the battery model, Houston Tech HT12888A REAL TIME and any other Houston Tech battery with "888" in its model number.  Because of the unique size, shape, and consistency of the battery, it leaves those looking for a replacement stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Unfortunately, they cannot be replaced.  Owner's of these Houston Tech batteries will have to replace the existing motherboard.  Click here to view our selection of quality replacement motherboards.  If you have a question about a particular motherboard please feel free to Contact Us.

CMOS batteries (clock batteries) are found on the laptops' motherboards and are responsible for maintaining the time, date and configuration information when the laptops are turned off.

RAM batteries (resume batteries) are found in most newer laptops and are responsible for storing the RAM contents in case of power failure or when the user "hot swaps" the main battery.

Laptop / Notebook Batteries are located on different page. If you are actually looking for a Power Battery for Laptop / Notebook  Click Here.

Apple AST AT&T Canon Chaplet
Chicony Compaq Compuadd CTX DEC
Dell EPS Epson Everex Gateway 2000
Hewlett Packard Hitachi IBM NEC Packard Bell
Samsung Sharp Sony Texas Instrument Toshiba
Twinhead Ultra Zenith Generic  

All Computer Clock Batteries have a 90 Days Manufacturers Warranty

If your battery is not listed, let us know the:

Contact Us with the answer to the above, and we will quote you a price on a battery that is compatible with your system.