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Creative Labs CT7160 PC-DVD Inlay Decoder Board

Creative Labs PC-DVD Inlay Decoder Board

*Note - this DVD Inlay decoder is only approved to work
with the following chipsets: 3Dlabs Permedia II;
Cirrus Logic GD5446, 546x & 548x; S3 Trio64V2 DX/
GX, Virge DX/GX; ATI 3D Rage II, Rage II+, 3D Rage Pro;
Trident 3DImage 975; Oak Tech OTI-217, OTI-317; nVidia
Riva 128.  Compatibility with other video cards is
not known.

The CT7160 is a high performance value
priced DVD solution. The CT7160 is
capable of decoding 5.1 channels of Dolby
AC-3 digital sound.

MPEG2 Decode Functionality:
> Full frame rate MPEG-2 video with
smooth delivery
> Supports sub picture stream
> Supports closed captioning
> Decode and display: single I-frame,
MPEG-1 system stream, ISO/IEC11172
MPEG compliant files

AC-3 Decode Functionality:
> Capable of decoding 5.1 channels of
Dolby AC-3 audio
> MPEG 1 layer stereo, MPEG-2 multi-channel
> Downmixing of 5.1 channel Dolby Digital
or MPEG-2 to stereo

Video Output Quality:
> Properly handles field based content
including dynamic field/frame switching
> Aspect ratio correction for content
originating from 16:9 (incl Pan Scan)
> Multi-line hardware interpolation filtering
techniques for upscaling/downscaling

TV Output Functionality:
> Supports both NTSC and PAL
> NTSC output at 640x480 and 640x480 @ 60Hz
> PAL output at 640x480 and 800x600 at 50Hz
> Output both composite and S-Video signal
> Able to correct horizontal and vertical
overscan using hardware scaling
> TV Output hardware programmable to
position the TV image

VGA Compatibility:
> Most current ATI Technologies products
> Creative Labs Banshee and Riva product
> May be compatible with other video
cards, but we don't know that.

General Information:
>Onboard connectors for audio output to
-sound card, audio input from DVD-ROM
-drive, and audio input from CD-ROM
>Back-panel connectors for RCA jack
-S/PDIF out, VGA output, VGA input,
-S-Video and composite video output.