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Create realvideo for your web with a touch of a button - New Internet Edition Digital Video Creator.

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Dazzle Digital Video Creator-Internet Edition (USB & Parallel Port)

Add Streaming REALVideo® and REALAudio® to Your Website!

  • Add the power and impact of video to product demonstrations, sales and training tools, and special family events.
  • Automatically create REALVideo® streaming audio and video. · One-button web creation and upload to your website.
  • Over 50 million REALVideo® viewers waiting worldwide! ·
  • Includes WebStudio™ to create even cooler wepages.
  • Convert any analog video source to high-quality MPEG Digital format, easily edit it with the built-in editor, save the new movie as REALVideo®, create your webpage with the click of a single button, and automatically upload the page to your Internet Service Provider.
  • Great for small businesses and home users.
  • Build the coolest website to show product demonstrations, sales and training tools, action sports videos, home videos of the kids, or your vacation highlights.


Product Overview:

The Dazzle Digital Video Creator allows personal and business computer users to easily capture, edit, manage, publish, and share full-motion TV- quality video, CD- quality audio, and high- resolution still images, for at an affordable price. Allows users to convert and playback video files in the RealSystems RealMedia™ format.

Hardware Features:

Real- time MPEG video compression; precise Audio/Video synchronization; analog video output to TV or videotape; Composite and S-Video input.

Software Features:

The following features are integrated into the Dazzle Digital Video Creator Software: MPEG video capture, editing, and playback; live video preview; still- image capture, editing, and viewer; multimedia file and album management (video, audio, images); multimedia web page publishing; still image capture from MPEG files; video/photo email; video/photo screen saver, DirectShow compatible; Windows 95/98 support; converts MPEG video files to the RealMedia™Systems streaming format; automatic FTP upload of video files/web pages to ISP.

Packaged Applications:

Dazzle Digital Video Creator software; Bundled products include InterActual VideoSaver, DVC MPEG Video Library, Ulead Photo Express, Ulead Video Studio, SmartSound for Multimedia, Sierra Home Web Studio, Microsoft IE 4.0, Microsoft NetMeeting and Microsoft FrontPage Express.

Video Technology:

Dazzle Digital Video Creator products use MPEG-1 technology, the industry standard 200x compression format based on the MPEG international standard, that produces the smallest possible files, while preserving the sharpest and clearest video quality and superior sound. This technology allows file playback on any Windows 95/98/NT PC without special hardware or software to install. Allows users to convert and playback video files in the RealSystems RealMedia™ format.

Video Resolution:

MPEG Digital (MPG, MPV); 352x240, 320x240, 176x120, 160x120 NTSC, 352x288, 176x144 PAL SECAM Video Bit Rate: 56Kb/sec to 2.5 Mb/sec (up to 4.0 Mb/sec for PCI)

Audio Bit Rate:

64 Kb/sec - 224 Kb/sec Still Image resolution: 720 x 480 actual, up to 1600 x 1200 interpolated

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98 (USB Win 98 Only), Pentium 133 MHz or higher, 32 MB RAM, EIDE or SCSI hard drive, 16 bit sound card.

Easy To Use!

No need to open your computer! Just connect your camcorder or VCR and record TV quality MPEG Digital video on your PC.

NEW Dazzle* DVC Graphical User Interface


Take a look at our incredible NEW GUI (Graphical User Interface)!

Create Video Presentations

Drag & drop TV quality MPEG Digital video directly to your PowerPoint™ slides.

Create & Edit Home Videos

Easily combine your favorite scenes into a fun new video. Even record to video tape or CD!

Create Video on the Internet

Add TV quality MPEG Digital video to your web site, or send a high-quality video e-mail.

Ideal for Business

  • Add video to PowerPoint presentations for more impact and greater sales.
  • Add video to your web site to show off your products and services.
  • Send video e-mails to clients for more effective communication.
  • Create video sales CDs with product demos, and customer testimonials.
  • Create video home tours to show more real estate in less time.

Perfect for Home

  • Edit your hours of home video tapes into fun highlight videos.
  • Record your edited videos back to video tape, CD, or any other removable media.
  • Send your latest videos & snapshots via e-mail to family and friends anywhere in the world.
  • Show off your favorite videos & snapshots on your personal web site.
  • Create a "What We Did This Year" holiday video CD, instead of the annual family update letter.

MPEG Digital

MPEG digital is the Universal Standard for Digital Video and Audio on Your Computer - enabling you to edit, store, and distribute CD-quality Audio / Video material, with compression as high as 3000:1!

MPEG DIGITAL is the foundation of DVD, HDTV, and digital television (such as DirecTV™), and is endorsed by all major electronic and entertainment companies including Sony, Philips, Microsoft, Intel, IBM and Time Warner.

Dazzle Multimedia's products enable you to easily encode your own MPEG DIGITAL creations. You can digitally edit your video cassettes, and put TV quality digital video on your web site, in an E-mail, on a CD, or even in your PowerPoint presentation. Only MPEG DIGITAL guarantees your ability to share your video with the world, and no one knows MPEG DIGITAL better than Dazzle. In fact, Dazzle Multimedia has shipped more MPEG encoders than all other companies in the world combined!