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babyz virtual video game

Babyz: Your Virtual Bundle of  Joy Watch as your favorite Babyz grow as they learn to talk, walk and develop their own personalities. Take your Babyz to different rooms and play different activities with them. And with voice recognition, you can even talk to your Babyz!  252305 N.A.

creatures 3

Creatures 3 Play with genetics and create your own super Norn! Exchange Creatures online and meet new friends! 252306 N.A.

sini star unleashed

Sini Star Unleashed Sinistar Unleashed blasts you into a hostile universe fraught with danger. A space dwelling species of supreme evil is on the verge of creating the ultimate bio-mechanical weapon: the Sinistar. 252307 N.A.

 nerf arean blast

Nerf Arena Blast Grab your Nerf blaster and prepare to compete in an all-new game of heart pounding action!  It's a game of fast thinking and even faster reflexes, featuring 8 different arenas, 360 views and real-time 3-D graphics. (No Rating) 252300 N.A.

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Stanley Sticker Stories   252304 N.A.

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Total Annihilation What began as a conflict over the transfer of consciousness from flesh to machines has escalated the resources of a galaxy in their struggle for domination. 252301 N.A.

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The Lost World. Jurassic Park "Limited Edition Entertainment Utility".  Req: Win 3.1 or Win95. X CD-ROM, Sound Card. (Violent Content) 252302 N.A.

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Shadow Warrior Sayonara to all the Ninja wannabes that have gone before and put on your combat sandals....Lo Wang is coming to the Land of the Rising Sun to turn out the lights.  Rated M: mature (17+). CD-Rom works w/Win95. 252303 N.A.
Software Bundles:
Cyber 10 pak: 10 Amazing Titles. The Animals 2.0, US Atlas 5.0, World Atlas 5.0, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 3.0, The ChessMaster 4000 Turbo, Family Dictionary, 1996 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Al Unser Jr. Arcade, The Complete Reference Library 3.0 and Internet Online. 250100 N.A.
Cyber 4 pak: 107 Titles on 4CDs. Animal Kingdom, 1998 Grolier Encyclopedia, US Atlas, World Atlas, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, The ChessMaster. The fourth CD contains 101 of the best of their category shareware games plus the top 25 action/arcade game directory from the hottest game companies on the world wide web. 250101 N.A.

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