Entry Level Upgrade Kits

These upgrade kits include a Motherboard, CPU, and Memory

Solution I. $125

Part # 330005

This option is best suited for those with a 486 system or entry level Pentium system and need an economical way of adding extra power to smoothly run Windows 95/98/XP applications.

Solution II. $168

Part # 330010

Solution III. $99

Part # 330016

Solution IV. $199

Part # 330017

The advantage of buying upgrade kits is that memory and CPU are pre-installed on the motherboard. The jumpers are set for you and the whole kit is tested before shipping. All you have to do is install the motherboard in your existing case and then connect your drives etc.

If you need additional items like a bigger disk or faster modem etc., you may select them from our hardware menu.

If you are not technical enough to replace motherboards or don't have the time to do it, let us do it for you. Click here for details on our YOU DO IT FOR ME option.

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