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KVMD2 2-Port KVM Switch


bullet1.gif (519 bytes)The KVMD2 is a 2 port keyboard, video, and mouse
switch. It enables a user to take instant command and
control of 2 different desktop or notebook PC’s using
one keyboard, monitor, and mouse. It provides many
easy to use features.

bullet1.gif (519 bytes)The KVMD2 KVM switch virtually eliminates cable
swapping while saving you hundreds of dollars in
storage space and hardware costs.  It is the perfect
choice for: server rooms and wiring closets, testing
sites and workbenches, or perhaps a docking station
between your desktop and notebook computer.

bullet1.gif (519 bytes)Product Specificationsbullet1.gif (519 bytes)

Computer Connections


Port LEDS 2
Keyboard    6-pin Mini DIN
Mouse 6-pin Mini DIN
Monitor 15-pin HD DB type
Manual Selection Push Button
Hot Key Yes
Switching Confirm. Buzzer
Keyboard State Saved and Restored
Keyboard PS/2
Mouse PS/2
Monitor VGA, SVGA, MultiSync
Resolution Up to 1600 x 1200
Enclosure Metal
Operating Temperature 0~40 C
Storing Temperature   -20 C ~ 70 C
Humidity 0~80% RH noncondensing
Dimension 105 x 119 x 46
Weight (g) 727g
Power Supply  DC 9 Volts, 600mA
Safety   UL

kvmd2.jpg (11941 bytes)

The KVMD2 Advantage:

The KVMD2 utilizes advanced microprocessor emulation to intelligently manage each KVM port. This allows simultaneous boot-up of all the attached PC’s. Autoscan, audible feedback, and keyboard "Hot Key’s" make the KVMD2 simple to use and manage. Simply switch between PCs with the press of a key, or use the switch’s cycling feature to switch automatically at timed intervals that you can select. The KVMD2’s intelligent microprocessors save CAPSLOCK, NUM LOCK, and SCROLL LOCK status for each PC.  It supports VGA, SVGA, and MultiSync monitors at up to 1600 x 1200 resolution. Support for AT type PC’s with serial mouse ports are included using mouse conversion technology. It supports PS/2 keyboards and AT keyboards using an AT to PS/2 adapter. Support for Microsoft IntelliMouse is also provided.

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