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Mailing List Rate Chart & FAQs

  1. Rate:
    $1.00 per site.
  2. Minimum Order Size:
    $500 (500 sites)
  3. Shipping and Handling:
    $25 per order
  4. Discounts:
    5,000 sites: 15%
    10,000 sites: 20%
    20,000 sites: 35%
    50,000 sites and above: 50%
  5. Mailing Labels:
    We don't do mailing labels only. If you want to order mailing labels along with your database order, the cost is $0.15 per mailing label with a minimum order size of $500.
  6. Discounts on Mailing Labels:
    10,000 sites: 10%
    25,000 sites: 15%
    40,000 sites: 20%
    60,000 sites and above: 25%
  7. Broadcast Fax:
    We do broadcast fax for you based on your required frequency and volume and the number of pages in your fax. This basically corresponds to charges per minute. Sample rates for a one time broadcast fax are:
    500 minutes to 5,000 minutes @ 35 cents per minute.
    5,001 minutes to 10,000 minutes @ 32 cents per minute.
    10,001 minutes to 20,000 minutes @ 29 cents per minute.
    20,001minutes and above @25 cents per minute.

    You provide the fax numbers and we do the faxing. You can also buy a mailing list from us and then let us fax to the list.
  8. Data Format:
    Site information is sent to you in ASCII comma delimited file format on 3.5 inch IBM PC Compatible diskettes.
    If you find a record with inaccurate data, we will send you a new record free for up to six months from date of purchase. You must send us the inaccurate data on diskette in a comma delimited ASCII format.
    If you send us updates based upon our list, we will give you five replacement sites. For example, you find out that the MIS Managers have changed in 10 companies. You give us the names of the new managers and we will give you 50 replacement sites as your reward. Five for One. You must send us the updated data on a diskette in a comma delimited ASCII format within six months of purchase.
  10. How do we get our lists?
    From multiple sources like hardware and software vendors, user groups, industry publications, executive search firms, VARs and many others.
  11. How often do we update our lists?
    Updating our lists is an ongoing activity. We correct, add and delete on a daily basis.
  12. One Stop Shop:
    You can buy just the mailing list and use it for direct mail or telemarketing but if you want, we can do the bulk mailing and/or broadcast faxing for you. That way, you don't have to stuff envelopes and sort them by zip codes, do bar-coding etc. nor do you have to contract with other companies for broadcast faxing. We do it all for you.

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