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30 Pin Memory SIMMS

Lifetime Warranty

Memory Specs.

Mega Bytes Part #
30 Pin PC Memory SIMMS    
1Mx3-70 Logic Parity 1 510002
1Mx9-60 True Parity 1 510006
4Mx3-60 Logic Parity 4 510005
4Mx9-60 3 chip True Parity 4 510010
4Mx9-60 9 chip True Parity 4 510015
16Mx9-60 True Parity 16 510021
30 Pin Mac Memory SIMMS    
16MB Kit for Macintosh IIfx 16 510200
16MB Kit for Macintosh IIcx 16 510205
16MB Kit for Macintosh IIsi 16 510210
1Mx8-70 Non Parity for Mac's 1 510001
4Mx8-70 Non Parity for Mac's-8chip 4 510004
4Mx8-70 Non Parity for Mac's-2chip 4 510030
16Mx8-70 Non Parity for Mac's



All prices are subject to change on a daily basis.*

* We try to keep the generic memory pages as accurate as possible but prices in the memory industry can be very volatile at times and often change on a daily basis.  All generic memory orders may be subject to price verification before shipment.  If your order is affected by a price change, you will be contacted and given the option to approve the new price or cancel the order.

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