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72 Pin Memory SIMMs

Lifetime Warranty

72 Pin SIMM Memory Type Chip density - speed SIMM Size


72 Pin Non Parity Fast Page Memory SIMMs 1Mx32-60 4MB 510050
For use in both IBM PC compatible and Apple Macintosh Computers 2Mx32-60 8MB 510055
    4Mx32-60 16MB 510060
    8Mx32-60 32MB 510065
    16Mx32-60 64MB 510070
    32Mx32-60 128MB 510075
72 Pin Non-Parity EDO SIMMs 1Mx32-60 4MB 510100
For use in IBM PC compatible Computers 2Mx32-60 8MB 510110
   . 4Mx32-60 16MB 510115
   8Mx32-60 32MB 510120


16Mx32-60 64MB 510125
   32Mx32-60 128MB 510130
72 Pin True Parity Memory SIMMs 1Mx36-60 4MB 510150
For use in IBM PC compatible Computers 2Mx36-60 8MB 510155
   4Mx36-60 16MB 510160
   8Mx36-60 32MB 510165
   16Mx36-60 64MB 510170
    32Mx36-60 128MB 510175

All prices are subject to change on a daily basis.

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Before ordering SIMMS please note that most 486 and early Pentium computers are not compatible with 64MB or larger SIMMs.   Pentium class computers require that SIMMs be installed in pairs.  Fast Page Mode (FPM) memory is common in computers built from 1987 to 1995 when Extended Data Out (EDO) memory became the standard.  This information is provided only as a general guideline.  Please refer to your system documentation to verify your computers memory requirements.  We also have proprietary memory that has been tested for compatibility with the system it will be installed in.  We do not recommend using generic memory in any desktop or laptop proprietary systems, such as Acer, Dell, IBM, Compaq, etc... If you choose to install generic memory in a proprietary system, will not assume any responsibility for the occurrences that may happen as a result of your decision.

* We try to keep the generic memory pages as accurate as possible but prices in the memory industry can be very volatile at times and often change on a daily basis.  All generic memory orders may be subject to price verification before shipment.  If your order is affected by a price change, you will be contacted and given the option to approve the new price or cancel the order.

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