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Logitech MarbleMouse Trackball mouse - comfortable and convenient.  Ambidextrious space-saving trackball is designed for reduced hand and wrist movement. 640232 $27
Logitech Cordless Trackman Wheel Here's a trackball that fits comfortably into your right hand, with its buttons and scroll wheel at your fingertips and a smooth trackball right underneath your thumb. It's cordless, so you can put it just about anywhere on your desk within six feet of the receiver. And it uses optical technology, not wheels or rollers, to deliver smooth tracking with virtually no cleaning or maintenance. 640223 $59
Logitech Trackman Wheel Feel the difference. Touch the gentle curves, roll the trackball, and appreciate the comfort and smooth motion. Available PS/2 or USB port. Windows 98 or later required for USB 640018 $38
Microsoft Basic Mouse Microsoft Mouse sets a standard for comfort, accuracy, and dependability. PS/2 640240 $12
Mitsumi Monorail 2 button mouse with PS/2 connector(black only) SPECIAL!!! 640205 $9.99
Generic 3 button mouse with PS/2 connector 640215 $10
Generic-S Scroll mouse with PS/2 connector 640202 $10
Generic 3 button PS/2 style mouse, black color. 640217 $15
Generic 3 button mouse with 9-pin serial connector 640210 $10
Generic USB mouse. 640203 $12

Cordless / Wireless and Optical Mice

Mini Optical Mouse Perfect for mobile computing - only 2-1/2" long and 1" wide, small enough to use right on the palm rest of most notebook computers. Free travel pouch included. Black only. 640209 $50
Microsoft Wireless Optical Tilt-Wheel Mouse
Tilt Wheel Technology - You can scroll horizontally as well as vertically through documents and web pages. The entire scroll wheel tilts, acts as a button, and reacts to your speed with smooth scrolling.
640245 $42
Designer Optical Wheel PS2 Mouse Beige 640309
Designer Optical Wheel PS2 USB Black Mouse 640310
Designer Optical Wheel PS2 Mouse Blue/Silver
Designer Optical Wheel PS2/USB Mouse
640311 $13
Logitech Cordless Optical USB/PS2 Mouse
Logitech MX300 Scroll 4Button Optical Mouse
Logitech MX500 Optical PS/2 USB Mouse
Logitech MX700 Cordless Optical 8Button PS/2 USB Rechargeable Mouse 640300 $77
Logitech Optical Wheel USB/PS2 Black Mouse 640304
Logitech Optical Wheel USB/PS2 Mouse 640305
Mitsumi Black Optical Wheel Mouse PS2 640307 $13
Mitsumi Optical Wheel Mouse PS2 640306
Logitech iFeel Mouseman 4-button optical iFeel MouseMan. Scroll over iFeel-enabled items and feel a variety of gentle vibrations. 640234 $77
Logitech Cordless Optical MouseMan Wheel 3-button cordless mouse with digital radio technology - 6 ft. range without being pointed at the computer. 640226 $77
Logitech  Wheel Mouse Optical Optical scroll mouse. Smooth operation with no mouse pad. Available in dark blue only. 640233 $38
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer IntelliMouse Explorer with IntelliEye. This mouse works on hundreds of surfaces and stays precise. Available in silver only. 640244 $38
Microsoft Trackball Optical Microsoft TrackBall Optical mouse combines an IntelliEye optical sensor and an advanced ball design. Black only. 640243 $39
Microsoft Cordless Wheel Mouse Microsoft Cordless Wheel mouse works anywhere on your desktop. 640242 $40

New! Atek Mini Optical Mouse
Slim, Sleek, Comfortable...
atek mouse
Part# 640209
Also available in transparent red or blue!
Low, Low Cost...$34!!!

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