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Use the SB Video Multivideo System Converter box to view your computer output on a TVor view video input sources (including video game systems, camcorder, VCR, VCD, DVD, cable television, or any other source that uses a Mini-4pin or RCA jack) on your VGA monitor.

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The Multivideo System Converter Includes: Multivideo System Converter Features:
  • Multivideo System Converter box

  • A/C Power Adapter

  • One VGA Cable (D-15P connections)

  • One S-VHS Cable (Mini-4pin connections)

  • One Video Cable (RCA conections)

  • Video Input Select Switch (select input signal fron PC, S-VHS, or Composite Video)

  • TV Video System Output Select Switch (select output TV video system)

  • TV Screen Control Switch: ZOOM, UNDSCN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, RESET


Click Here to See a Diagram of the MultiVideo System Converter


The MultiVideo System Converter converts all kinds of different NTSC/PAL video system to Home TV.  Home Video as VCR/VCD/Laser Disc/Camcorder/Video Games.

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