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PCI Video Cards & Graphics Accelerators

ati radeon 7000 mac pci video card
Part# 530126

pny verto geforce4 mx420 pci video card
Part# 530536

  • RADEON 7000 Mac Edition 32MB PCI
    Enjoy the flexible dual-display support for multiple combinations of CRT monitors, TV's  and video devices. Plus RADEON™ 7000 MAC EDITION supports OpenGLŪ for superior  graphics and 3D textures in gaming and workstation environments!
  • PNY Verto GeForce4 MX420 64MB PCI 
    This multi-display GPU includes high -speed features that bring cutting-edge performance to 3D/2D games and applications. nVIDIA Accuview Antialiasing enhances cinematic realism of multi-textured games and enables high resolution, full-screen antialiased game play.


pny quadro 4 nvs 400 pci video card
Part# 530538

visiontek xtasy geforce4 mx420 pci video card
Part# 530540

  • PNY Quadro4  NVS 400 64MB PCI 
    Next-generation multi-monitor capabilities are achieved via two Quadro4 400 NVS GPUs and nVIDIA nView software, supporting multiple displays (i.e. quad analog, or quad digital) through standard 60-pin LFH connectors and breakout cables.
  • Visiontek Xtasy GeForce4 MX420
    Empowers the user with maximum flexibility in display options and control. Accuview Antialiasing delivers unbeatable visual quality and frame rate Integrated 350MHz DAC drives CRT display with crisp and clear image quality at 2048 x 1536 @ 75Hz..

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