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Barebone Computer. Part # 321054. $134

Mid Tower Case
Floppy drive
AMD Duron 1.0 GHz CPU 
Socket A Motherboard
On-Board audio
On-Board video
On-Board LAN
On-Board 56K modem
Just add your hard drive, CD-ROM drive and memory and you are in business.

Upgrade kit: Part # 330005. $115

Includes socket 370 motherboard with VIA C3 800 MHz CPU, cooling fan and 128MB Memory.

computer upgrade kit - motherboard, cpu and memory



used computers, used desktop computers, used pc, Compaq Deskpro

Part# 911409
Price: $166

refurbished cd writer, external usb cd burner for laptops and desktops Yamaha External CD Burner - USB 

Part# 847220
Price: $75

laptop speakers, multimedia speakers Jazz Laptop Speakers

Part# 552000
Price: $30

cpu motherboard combo upgrade kitt - motherboard, cpu and memory

Upgrade Kit. 

Part# 330543
Price: $78

Xircom RBEM56G PCMCIA Combo Modem - Ethernet Adapter PCMCIA modem & LAN card combo

Part# 710724
Price: $60

Internal isa modem, 56k isa modem, rockwell chipset, jumpered isa modem 56K ISA modem - jumpered

Part# 710802
Price: $19

refurbished laptop ibm thinkpad 600e used laptop IBM ThinkPad 600

Part# 911352
Price: $299
72 pin edo simms, 64mb 72 pin non parity edo simms 64MB 72 pin EDO SIMMS

Part# 510125
Price: $52

Number 9 GXE 2MB ISA video card Number 9 2MB ISA video card

Part# 530207
Price: $39
matrox millenium mil2a 4mb agp video card Matrox Millenium MIL2A 4MB AGP video card

Part# 530418
Price: $29

Netgear MA101 Wireless USB adapter. Refurbished Part# 770200
Price: $65
netgear wireless pc card Netgear MA401 wireless PC Card. Refurbished Part# 770202
Price: $60
laptop bag, laptop carrying case, canvas case for laptops Laptop carrying case

Part# 911500
Price: $15
intel pentium 233mmx cpu socket 7 cpu pentium 233 with mmx Intel Pentium 233MMX CPU

Part# 520285
Price: $47

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