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Portable 3.5" SCSI 68-pin and SCA 80-pin Data Carriers

Discontinued. For replacements, click here

SCSI 132WS for 160MB LVD

SCSI-188WS / SCSI-188SCA for 160MB LVD

SCSI-133U3 for 160MB LVD
  • 3.5" housing for half-height or low-profile SCSI (68-pin) or SCA (80-pin) drives
  • Ideal for office/corporate/training cente/r governmental agency
  • Easy installation
  • Unlimited capacity
  • High security and privacy
  • Supports RAID applications
  • Portable between home, office, etc.
  • Convenient for data sharing and administration
  • Hot-Removable for RAID applications, HDD can be removed while the system is operating
  • Sliding rails to provide protection against accidental dropping during removal of the carrier
  • Auto open/fashion handle to provide easier use and faster removal (select models)
  • Fixed frame design has a metal key set, LED and/or protection designed parts

* Alarm for the fan and temperature has reset button

Specifications: Part: FRAME/TRAY FAN FEATURES
SCSI-132WS 620825 all aluminum yes(2 x 4cm) LCD display, alarm*, ID, clock, temp, LVD 160MB ready
SCSI-133U3 620826 all aluminum yes, 4cm ID selector, LED, LVD 160MB ready
SCSI-188WS 620827 all aluminum yes, 4cm ID selector, LED, alarm optional, LVD 160MB ready, handle
SCSI-188SCA 620828 all aluminum yes, 4cm ID selector, alarm*, LVD 160MB ready, handle

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