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Tview Micro PC-to-TV Video Converter

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  • Revolutionary new FS400 Chip Technology
  • XGA (1024 X 768) resolution
  • 16.7 million color output (24bit)
  • Buttons for Position, Brightness, 
    Scan and Over/Under Scan

  • TrueScale™ Digital Video Processing

  • Composite (RCA) or S-Video output

  • Supports NTSC or PAL

  • EE-ROM auto save TV-Position & Size

  • TView Micro. The TView Micro is small & lightweight powered by the PS2/AT or USB port. The revolutionary FS400 video processor is what gives the TView Micro its high quality video output and TrueScale video compression to fit your computer image on any TV.
  • The TView Micro is small and lightweight and includes our revolutionary FS400 video processor. The FS400 is what gives the TView Micro its high quality video output and TrueScale video compression to fit your computer
    image on any TV. The TView Micro will convert computer resolutions from VGA (640 x 480) to XGA (1024 x 768) and cleanly display these on your television. Simply connect the Tview Micro to your computer's video
    port and attach the appropriate video cable (included) to any size TV, and you're ready for a big screen impact.
  • The compact size and lightweight feature is what makes the TView Micro a must-have for mobile presenters, sales and training professionals. At home or in the office, it is also perfect for Internet "Video on Demand", DVD movies or demos, gaming, and for anytime you require a quality VCR or TV-ready computer output. TView Micro is compatible with all laptops and desktops that come stadnard with a VGA-type output connector. 
  • The features are what separte the TView Micro from the competition. There are buttons on the TView Micro that control Size, Position, Zoom, Flicker and Brightness. Size the picture to precisely match your television. Use the Zoom feature to pan among nine screen sections. Adjust the flicker reduction filter through eight separate modes to maximize the clarity of the image. With the TView Micro you can enjoy NTSC or PAL capabilities for use anywhere in the world!
  • Resolution: -Supports up to 16.7 million colors (24-bit) at resolutions from 640x480 to 1024x768 
    at frequencies up to 152Hz.
  • User Modes: -Horizontal/Vertical Size, Up/Down Height, Zoom, Flicker, Video Adjustment and Reset.
  • Connectors: -(1) S-Video Output jack (1) Composite Video (RCA) Output jack
  • Compatible: -Any desktop or laptop with video output running MacOS or Windows. 
  • Televison Compatibility -Works with any size television monitor with an RCA (composite), S-Video, RF modulator adapter or SCART input connector supporting NTSC or European PAL video standards.
  • Power: - Powered from Keyboard (PS-2/AT) or USB port.
  • Size: - 4.25" x 3.00" x 1.00"
  • Weight - 11.1 oz.

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