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Computer Upgrades

Is an upgrade for you?

Quite often we junk our old system and buy a new one wasting our investment in a computer that has served us well over the past few years. It doesn't always have to be like this. In many cases you can save your existing investment by upgrading your computer. These are some of the upgrade options available to you:

  1. Memory. Adding more memory can substantially improve the performance of your system in most cases. If the computer has less memory than the software requires, it keeps shuttling information between the memory and disk wasting precious CPU time. Adding memory can often yield significant performance improvements.
  2. CPU. Your CPU upgrade path depends upon the type of computer you have. If you have a:
  3. Motherboard. If your current motherboard will not accommodate a faster cpu or you have a 286, 386 or 486 motherboard and you want to move to a Pentium or Pentium Pro system, replace your motherboard. Replacing a motherboard can be accomplished in many ways:
  4. Video Memory. If your only grudge with your current system is the quality and the number of colors you can see, you can add more memory to your video card or buy a new video card. No need to buy a whole new system.
  5. Modem. If you have anything less than a 28.8kbps modem, surfing the internet can be an exercise in patience and very frustrating. Select a modem that fits your budget and you will see life around your computer a little more bearable.
  6. Disk. Most modern software applications require a lot of disk space. If you have an older disk, you may be squeezed for space and that may also slow down your system as it tries to fit in the data as best as it can. Besides, your old hard drive may be very slow. Newer disk drives will not only give you more storage space, their faster speeds will also help improve overall system performance.
  7. Printer. Are your print jobs taking too long to finish and tie up your system? It could be that your system is too outdated but quite often it is because your printer has very little memory of it's own. Adding a little printer memory can expedite the printing process. You can also look into buying a faster printer. However; be careful. Buying a printer that is just a shade faster than your current one is not going to help much. Go for a printer that has a significantly faster output than what you have now.
  8. Monitor. If you have an old VGA monitor, using the more colorful software applications can be a little boring. To see better colors or if you need a bigger screen, buy a new monitor. No need to change your complete system.
  9. CD-ROM Drive. If you like to play games on your computer but your CD-ROM Drive is very slow, you can upgrade to a faster drive and that will help improve performance of games. Upgrading to a faster CD-ROM Drive will also help improve performance of databases that are on CD-ROMs.
  10. DVD Drives: Want to watch movies on your computer or play games with better pictures? If so, buy a DVD drive. It serves the function of a CD-ROM drive as well as play movies. Basically it replaces your CD-ROM Drive. When buying a DVD drive, buy an MPEG decoder card also. It will help run the movies much more smoothly.
  11. Laptops: If you are upgrading a laptop, in most cases you can only upgrade the memory, hard drive and modem. The rest you have to live with. If you can't live with it, then consider replacing it with either a new laptop or a used laptop.

If the above information does not answer your question or your situation is different, send us an e-mail and we will try our best to help you.

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