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Your Virtual Bundle of Joy

First came Dogz®, Catz®, and Oddballz™. In 1999, Babyz were born - the next 
generation of virtual life! You can play with and take care of a group of cute, mischievous Babyz who live in a virtual house in your computer.

Watch as your favorite Babyz grow as they learn to talk, walk and develop their own personalities. Take your Babyz to different rooms and play different activities with them.
And with voice recognition, you can even talk to your Babyz! 

Rated E: (everyone)

babyz, your virtual bundle of joy
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  • Talk: With voice recognition, your Babyz can understand and respond to basic spoken words, and can be read simple stories.
  • Play: There are dozens of Toyz, picture books and musical instruments to entertain your Babyz. Babyz can learn the names of objects and let you know what they want to do.
  • Nurture: Tickle, rock, and hold your Babyz. Feed, bathe and even diaper your Babyz. Soothe and comfort your Babyz, give them medicine if they're sick, and help them learn about the world around them!
  • Explore: You'll have all of the things your Babyz will need to learn and grow. You can move your Babyz from room to room and activity to activity with a simple click of the mouse while you explore the kitchen, nursery, living room, changing room, attic, and the backyard.
  • Learn and Grow: Babyz grow over time, achieving noticeable growth and learning milestones. Babyz will start out crawling and babbling and then learn to walk a bit and talk.
  • Dress: There are tons of cool clothes and accessories that your Babyz can wear. Dress 'em up in shirts, pants, hats, socks, jumpers, costumes, and more!
  • Adopt: Babyz LOVE to socialize. They will interact with you and with each other. You can even have three Babyz out on screen at once.
Screen Shots:

babyz screen shot1
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babyz screen shot2
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babyz screen shot3
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babyz screen shot4
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System Requirements:
To play with your Babyz, you'll need the following:

  • Windows ® 95/98
  • Pentium ® 166Mhz
  • 32 MB RAM, 160 MB Hard Disk Space
  • 256-color video card and monitor
  • SoundBlaster or compatible 16-bit sound card with DirectX compatible drivers
  • 800 x 600 minimum screen resolution

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