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Creatures 3

Play with genetics and create your own super Norn! Exchange Creatures online and meet new friends!

  • Creatures' Norns are cute, loveable and endearing. They have their own brains, genetics and biochemistry. They think and act for themselves!

Rated: E (everyone)

creaturse 3
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  • A completely new world, over twice the size of Creatures 2 and divided up into five separate environments  each with their own ecology!
  • These are not the Norns, Grendels, and Ettins of ALbia present - they are the creatures of the Albia past.  There are Grendels that will hunt your Norns down, steal their belongings and hurt them.  Ettins that hoard machinery in their deset world.  And frightened Norns - ready to discover the secrets of the Shee spaceship.

What do you get?

  • The Creatures Internet Edition is a fantastic bundle of Creatures 3, Creatures Docking Station, the Biochemistry Kit, Brain-in-a-Vat, 4 Norn breeds, plus Grendels and Ettins!
  • Comes with a pre-trained starter family - ready to mate and have offspring
  • Go online and send creatures from your world to your friends' in Real Time
  • Find new friends and chat to them while tending your charges!
  • View detailed statistics on every creature in the Creatures Universe on our dedicated website - breed the best Norn and get to the top of the league
  • Six separate environments - each with its own ecology!
  • Connecting agents allow you to take any combination of machines and plug them together to make super-machines!

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System Requirements:

Windows® 85/98 • Pentium® 200MMX • 4x speed CD-ROM drive or faster • 16-Bit sound card • 2MB 16-Bit
colour SVGA display adaptor • 64MB RAM • 300MB of free hard disk space • Modem • Internet Connection
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