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Office XP Pro

The world's leading suite of productivity software, Microsoft Office helps you complete common business tasks, including word processing, e-mail, presentations, data management and analysis, and much more. The newest version, Office XP—with features like smart tags, task panes, integrated e-mail, document recovery, and send for review—can help you work smarter.  By simplifying productivity, enabling collaboration for everyone, and extending Office beyond the desktop, Office XP Professional streamlines how people work with information and one another, making it easier for everyone to create, share, and analyze important data.

Get information when and where it's needed

Context-sensitive smart tags provide speedy access to relevant information by alerting you to important actions—such as formatting options for pasted information, formula error correction, and more.

Accomplish more in less time

New task panes put the tools you need just a click away, helping you find files and format content quicker than ever.

Access and analyze information easily from the Web

Add data- such as stock tickers, weather updates, or news flashes—to your spreadsheets and databases, and automatically keep them up to date.

Express ideas in powerful, compelling ways

Create professional-looking documents with enhanced formatting, editing, review, and Web integration features. Use new speech recognition to dictate text, direct formatting changes, and navigate menus.

Spend time creating, not re-creating

Document Recovery gives you the option to automatically save your current document, spreadsheet, or presentation at the time an application stops responding, so you don't lose a moment's work.

Compare and merge changes easily

Send for review streamlines the feedback process for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint«, giving the author full control over which comments and revisions to accept or reject.

Manage all your e-mail in one place

Microsoft Outlook« makes it easy to send and receive e-mails from multiple accounts, including MSN Hotmail«. You can also send and receive instant messages with MSN« Messenger—all within a single view.

Work together, wherever you are

Share point team services from Microsoft allows the seamless sharing of information between Office XP applications and your team Web site. Team members can upload documents, participate in discussions and surveys, and add content such as announcements and events.

Coordinate schedules and activities easily

Manage all appointment and task reminders in a single, consolidated Reminders window. Outlook makes it easy to resolve scheduling conflicts—you can quickly review your group's schedule and allow others to propose alternate meeting times.

Use the robust Office platform to meet your business needs

IT professionals and developers can create customizable smart tags that give users access to context-sensitive information.

Experience improved reliability and security

  • Recover your documents. In the event of an error, Office XP keeps a backup of your work, giving you the chance to save and recover it so you don't lose valuable time or data.
  • Protect from virus attacks. Powerful new antivirus tools help IT professionals control team security settings, reducing the risk of virus attacks and avoiding costly downtime.

Simplify deployment and control

  • Reduce downtime during deployment. The Office Profile Wizard saves personal computer settings to a file or on the Web—create them once, and instantly apply them to any computer, anywhere.
  • Customize desktop configurations. IT professionals can use the Custom Installation Wizard to customize security settings and Outlook profiles, eliminating unnecessary features or applications.
  • Control your environment after initial deployment. Administrators can use the new Custom Maintenance Wizard to make changes and update user profiles without a full redeployment.
System Requirements

The recommended system configuration to use Microsoft Office XP is Microsoft Windows« XP Professional╣ on a personal computer with a Pentium III processor and 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM. Some Office XP features have additional requirements.
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