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Windows XP Home Edition

The New Standard in Dependability and Simplicity

Windows XP Home Edition

The Windows XP Home Edition operating system offers a number of new features that help you work smarter and connect faster to the Internet and with others. And the rock-solid dependability of Windows XP lets you work and play with more confidence than ever.
  • Impressive Reliability
  • Superb Performance
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick and Easy Ways to Get Help and Support
Did you know....

With Windows XP, it’s easy to share digital photographs by e-mail, post pictures to a Web site, or even order prints online!



Staying in Touch and Keeping Connected

The easy way to communicate with your friends, family, and colleagues in real time. Can keep you updated with your buddies' online status. Choose text, voice, and video and experience high quality online voice and video quality. Collaborate with your buddies, transfer files, and share applications and whiteboard drawings.

Home Networking

Allows you to:
  • Set up a home network, including physical connections such as for printers or faxes, installing protocols and bridging.
  • Share an Internet connection with all computers on a network.
  • Share resources on a computer

Network Bridge

Simplifies the configuration and setup of home networks that use mixed connections by linking the different types of networks together.

Internet Connection Sharing

Allows multiple computers in your home to access the Internet at the same time using the same broadband or dial-up connection.

NEW: Windows XP Home Edition is now available with the option to remotely disconnect your dial-up connection to use your telephone line and easily resume the connection again.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 is the next major update to the award-winning Internet Explorer technologies and provides the most private, reliable, and flexible Internet browsing experience. Internet Explorer 6 includes many new and enhanced features that can simplify the daily tasks that you perform while helping you to maintain the privacy of your personal information on the Web.

Internet-enabled games

Using the Internet, you can be matched with players from around the world on games like Internet Backgammon, Internet Checkers, Internet Hearts, Internet Reversi, and Internet Spades, or you can invite your friends to play against you in other Internet-based games.
Experience Digital Music

Windows Media Player for Windows XP

Windows MediaTM Player for Windows XP brings together all of your most common digital media activities in a single, easy-to-access place.

NEW: Windows Media Player for Windows XP provides you with new features such as: DVD playback, native CD burning, and the ability to export video to portable devices. Also included are new and improved video controls, offline metadata support (for enhanced DVD viewing), and a more streamlined and flexible user interface.

My Music

Enables you to quickly view a list of music files in a folder and perform basic management tasks such as retrieving, adding, sorting, and deleting music files.

NEW: My Music is now task-based to help you work more efficiently.


If you insert a CD, ZIP or JAZ disk, or compact flash card, Windows will automatically recognize it and launch the corresponding application. For example, your CDs will begin playing on Windows Media Player for Windows XP.

CD burning

Saving critical information to a CD is as easy as saving to a floppy disk or hard disk. By selecting a folder of software, photos, or even music and dragging it to the CD-R device icon, you can create your own CDs.

Portable music devices

Windows Media Player for Windows XP provides you with the ability to connect to your music and devices in a way that best suits your needs.
Enjoy the World of Digital Photography

My Pictures

Enables you to quickly view a list of photos in a folder and perform basic management tasks like adding, sorting, and deleting picture files.
NEW: Now you have the ability to:
  • Order prints directly from the Internet
  • Link to Scanner and Camera Wizard for fast access
  • Look at images sequentially in a large, easy-to-view size
  • Publish pictures to the Internet
  • Compress pictures for easier e-mail distribution
  • Optimize printing your pictures to make the best use of high-quality photo paper

Scanner and Camera Wizard

Provides you with the ability to:
  • Scan a single image from a flatbed scanner
  • Scan images from a scanner based on a scanner event
  • Scan a collection of images
  • Scan multiple-page documents or images from a scanner into a single image file or separate image files

Web Publishing Wizard

The Web Publishing Wizard walks you through publishing your pictures to the Web quickly and easily so you can share them with others.

Order photo prints from the Internet

With My Pictures, you can order your digital pictures directly over the Internet and have them delivered right to your door.
Have Fun with Your Home Videos

Windows Movie Maker

Provides the ability to easily capture, edit, organize, and share home movies. Just plug your analog or digital camera into your PC to get started. Add music, narration, and title cards. Once you're done, e-mail or post your video to a Web site to share with friends and family.
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