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 Hercules Maxi Studio ISIS XL

hercules maxi studio isis xl
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  • Outstanding external audio rack that gathers 1/4” jack connectors for unparalleled analog recording and playback.
    - 32, 44.1 or 48 KHz S/PDIF input and output in both gold-plated
    RCA and optical format for digital transfers with a DAT or a mini-
    - External 20-bit converters for a perfect audio fidelity.
    - DIN in/out/through connector for a maximum flexibility of the MIDI
    - 4 selectable hardware synchronization clocks.
    - 2 MIDI ports.
    - Virtual control console to adjust monitoring and I/O levels.
    - Higher bandwidth allows enhanced multi-track recording
    - Sampling memory expandable to 36 MB.
  • Maxi Studio ISIS XL (Interactive Sound Integration System) PCI professional quality studio sound card and software.
    Guillemot addresses music lovers everywhere with the world's first full-duplex 8-input/4-output home recording studio for a fraction of the cost of other professional systems.  
    Maxi Studio ISIS™ XL allows for eight simultaneous inputs and four independent outputs in full-duplex so users can record up to eight different musicians live. The Maxi Studio ISIS™ XL is an unprecedented stand-alone professional quality studio sound card that includes an amazing GM/GS synthesizer with 4MB RAM of high quality sounds and a professional stereo multi-layer sampler so home musicians can fulfill their wildest musical dreams.
    RISC-based Digital Signal Processor (DSP) will provide audio enthusiasts with a powerful effects-processing engine.
    Compatible with all major pro audio applications.

  • Console 8/4
    Easy-to-use and user-configurable mixing-console to control the inputs/ outputs of the rack. Adjust levels, monitor and select one of the four synchronization clocks.
  •  Instrument Manager
    Transform pre-recorded samples or wave files (any mono or stereo of any size) into instrument sounds under the MIDI standard.
  • Soundbank Manager
    Create and compile your own soundbanks from the instruments made with Instrument Manager. Edit and explore existing banks, download them into the built-in sampler and use them in your MIDI player and an audio CD player.
  • Media Station
    Multi-function graphical stereo interface with a mixing panel, a Wave file player & recorder, a MIDI player and an audio CD player.
  • Gamer FX software offers a powerful effects-processing engine that won't slow down your applications including an equalizer and surround through 2 or 4 speakers. Choose one of the 250 predefined settings for the top selling games or create your own favorites while enjoying high quality sounds in 360° environment, even under Windows® DOS box applications.
  • Compatible with all open standards: GM (General MIDI™) including under Windows® DOS box, GS (General Standard™), Roland™ MPU-401 mode UART, Windows( Plug & Play. MS-DOS version 5.0 and higher).
  • Compatible with any PC system (Intel®, AMD™ and Cyrix™ processors) and all popular Windows® Audio/MIDI music applications.
  • 100% compatible with all games including Legacy DOS titles. Microsoft® DirectSound™ & Direct Sound™ 3D hardware accelerator (under DirectX™ 6.0), Aureal A3D™ 1.0 on 2 speakers, Sound- blaster™, Soundblaster™ Pro and Adlib™ (under real DOS mode and in a Windows® DOS box).

  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor): RISC-based Dream™ : Ultra-realistic MIDI
    with no CPU cost. CD-Audio sound quality (44.1kHz) & Pro Audio quality
    (48kHz). 4-layer PCB.
  • Built-in synthesizer with 64-voice GM/GS hardware wavetable & multi-layer
    stereo sampler including 2 LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators), 3 Egs
    (Envelope Generators), 2 keyboard tracking tables. Resonance filter of up
    to 24dB. (Multi-layer: the possibility of assigning more than one
    instrument to any one note at any time).\
  • 4MB RAM of high quality samples (sounds included with the express
    authorization of Roland Corporation).
    Memory expandable to 36MB RAM with standard SIMM module (<60 ns) to
    download new soundbanks.
  • Inputs: Mic-In, stereo Line-In, digital gameport/MIDI port.
    1 Stereo Line-Out + 1 surround output to connect 4 speakers.


  • 8 1/4" analog mono inputs & 4 1/4" analog mono outputs in line level.
    20-bit ADC converters - (16-bit record mode).
    20-bit DAC converters - (20-bit playback mode).
    Digital S/PDIF Stereo input & output with gilt RCA & optical connection
    for transfer of your musical creations Direct-to-DAT (Digital Audio Tape)
    or mini-disc without loss.
    MIDI-In / MIDI-Out / MIDI Thru DIN connectors.


  • Simultaneous recording of 8 sources and playback of 4 sources in hardware full-duplex. Monitoring of the 8 inputs to the 4 inputs. Listen to your compositions in real-time through both the analog and digital outputs and savor digital quality input for outstanding recordings.
    Choose one of the 4 user-configurable synchronization master clocks: 32, 44.1, 48kHz or S/PDIF clock signal.
    100% digital Mixdown to single stereo wave file for mastering.
    Two MIDI ports:
    - One internal port to drive the on-board synthesizer.
    - One external port for external connection
    Console 8/4:
    Allows you full control over each input and output signals connected to the card for realistic feel and professional mix-downs. You can monitor one channel at a time or listen to the mix from any output (user-assignable). Sampling frequency ranging between 32kHz and 48kHz.
    CyberLink The PowerDVD Player provides unrivalled functions for viewing high-quality video and media-rich DVD contents on your PC. The perfect companion for Maxi Sound FORTISSIMO™, with DVD-Video digital soundtrack streaming and audio track mixdown for output on 4 speakers. 
    MusicMatch Jukebox 4.4 Recording time as much as halved for MP3 and Windows® Media! Add streaming music videos to your collection. The recent NetMusic feature provides excellent audio has become a favorite among MusicMatch's online music partners. 
    Liquid Audio Liquid Player 5.0
    Discover more music with the Liquid Player 5.0 preview! Play any Liquid track or MP3, download and arrange thousands of tracks and lots more… 
    Mixman Studio demo
    For Media Farm Box Your best choice for a powerful remix experience! Create professional quality music simply and quickly on your PC and share it with others. Export to MP3, put tracks on the Web… The patented automatic beating machine makes audio experimentation fast and fun, irrespective of the musical style.
    Rayman 2 demo
    From Ubi Soft Entertainment New Rayman 2: The Great Escape demo. Dive into a world of action-packed adventure!
    Logic Audio Pro™ ISIS
    Logic Audio™ software with extra customized features including professional digital multichannel audio/MIDI recording system, and time stretching & stereo sample editor. 100% digital Mixdown to single stereo Wave file for mastering. Supports Microsoft®'s Plug-In format DirectX™.
    Cool Edit Pro™ SE
    Professional 10-track, 32-bit wave file editor & mixer with Find Beats, zoom, wave loop for the sampler, SMPTE slave, multiple undo support and other advanced features.
    Demos of music software
    From Steinberg® (Cubase Score™ VST™, Rebirth™, Wavelab™, sounds and samples, etc..), Cakewalk®
    Software (Pro Audio™ 8, Professional™ 7, etc,…)
    Acid DJ™
    Easy-to-use software with hard-to-resist grooves, ACID DJ delivers hundreds of prerecorded music and sound loops that you can mix-and-match to create your own irresistible rhythms. 
  • REQUIRES- Intel Pentium® 266MHz or higher, Celeron 300A or higher, K6-2 300MHz or higher; 32MB RAM; DVD-ROM drive; MPEG 2 compatible 16MB 3D accelerator card.

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