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Gamesurround Muse XL

hercules gamesurround muse xl
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  • If you are looking at improving your PC's audio output, entering the world of true 3D gaming, or just want to start pumping better sound from your PC's music or DVD functions, then the Gamesurround Muse XL™ is a great choice. The Muse XL lets you manipulate audio files, prepare sound for the Internet, or improve the sound quality from DVDs being played off of your PC.
    If you just want to improve your 3D gaming sound, rest assured, with up to 4 speakers being able to connect to the Muse XL, you get a great audio feel. Games, music, DVDs, or Internet use, this card gives you plenty to be happy about.


Hearing is Believing
Hercules’ commitment to offering total gaming performance continues with the Gamesurround Muse XL™. Now you can experience the complete gaming experience by boosting your PC’s audio performance. With a hefty software package and all the line-in and outputs you need, games will be that much better.

  • A dedicated headphone, mic, or 2 or 4-speaker connection for amazing 3D audio experience
  • Full compatibility with 3D audio games thanks to Sensaura™ engine included
  • Perfect digital sound fidelity with Yamaha Soft Synthesizer™
  • Internet audio ready!
  • Line-in for stereo or other audio systems
  • MIDI or accessory Game port (MPU 401™ compatible)
  • Great software package
  • Includes Hercules' intuitively designed control panel
  • 1 microphone
Software Package:
Game Commander 2 Special Edition Voice Control for Games & Simulations: Concentrate on the games, not the commands! Game Commander 2 SE breaks new ground with lightning fast command response and even more control over your games. Take command of Windows® 95, 98, Millennium, and 2000 applications too.

Storm The Virtual Home Studio: STORM is an all-in-one studio software composed of synthesizers, drum machines and effects, (supplied with 6 virtual instruments and 4 effects) STORM provides unlimited creative opportunities of sound synthesis along with exhaustive capabilities of sample management (Compose in real time)
Acid Xpress™ Acid Xpress™ is Sonic Foundry's loop-based multi-track music creation tool. Make your own original music with the click of a mouse and a couple of "paint" strokes. Combine music and sound loops to make professional-quality music instantly. (25 free loops included) 

MusicMatch™ Jukebox
Explore your passion for music with MUSICMATCH Jukebox Plus! Discover musical freedom with one of the most versatile jukebox programs on the market! MusicMatch Jukebox gives you the power to:
  • Faster CD ripping and burning
  • CD-quality MP3 encoding
  • Personalized MP3 radio (Create radio stations based on music from your favorite artist)
  • Comprehensive music guide (Connect to more than 100,000 free music tracks and videos)
  • Advanced player controls
  • CD cover art printing
Siren Jukebox Xpress™ SirenJukebox Xpress™ is a digital music management and playback software tool for MP3, WMA and WAV files. Siren Jukebox Xpress™ allows you to rip your CD Collection to .WMA (unlimited times) and .MP3 (20 times). Create customized play list; search the CDDB database for album titles and browse the Web for additional music.

Media Station Multi-function graphical stereo interface with mixing panel, Wave file player & recorder, MIDI player and audio CD player. 

Yamaha XG Player™
The XG player is an application that is used to playback multimedia files. The XG player allows playback of MIDI files (.mid, .rmi), audio files (.wav, .mp3), movie files (.avi, .mpg) and audio CDs all from a single application. With MIDI files you can mix, arrange (change voices/effects) and attach MIDI files to E-Mail.
Also, its links to various Internet services allows you to listen to music on web sites or purchase music easily. 

Kool karaoke™ Lite
Kool Karaoke from guarantees hours of great fun for everyone!
In addition to a full-featured Karaoke player, which includes pitch, tempo, melody and volume control features, you get 10 free popular Karaoke songs (+ 10 more free songs online). 

Power DVD™ 3.0 (trial version)
With CyberLink® PowerDVD™, the world acclaimed software DVD player, you will have the ultimate DVD solution to enjoy all the benefits DVD entertainment has to offer!
With its high quality video and audio playback, as well as its low CPU consumption, PowerDVD™ is the number one choice for high quality DVD playback! 

* The trial version allows you to use PowerDVD with some limitations for 30 days starting from the date of installation

  • BUS - 32-bit PCI 2.1 compliant
  • CHIPSET - CMI-8738 DSP Audio Processor
    - Quality: CD and Pro Audio quality, 16-bit mono/stereo 4kHz to 48kHz in full duplex.
    Compatibility: Compatible with Microsoft™ DirectSound™& DirectMusic™,
    Compatible with Dolby Surround™.
  • COMPATIBLE- Sensaura based 3D positional Audio with support for Microsoft
    DirectSound™ 3D, EAX™ 1.0, EAX™ 2.0 , A3D™ 1.0, I3DL2™, MacroFX™, MultiDrive™, ZoomFX™, EnvironmentFX™.Legacy audio support for older DOS games.
  • SYNTHESIZER- Software wavetable synthesizer 8MB General MIDI/GS™ sample set
    GM™(General MIDI) and Yamaha XG™ compatible Yamaha S-YXG50™: 676 instrument sounds and 21 drum kits
    Effects: reverb, chorus, variation.
  • CONNECTORs - Inputs: Mic-In, stereo Line-In, game port/MIDI MPU-401, internal CD audio connector & Aux-in.
    2 independent pre-amplified stereo outputs to connect 4 speakers.
  • SOFTWARE- Game Commander 2 Special Edition (Voice Control for Games & Simulations), Storm (The Virtual Home Studio), Acid Xpress, MusicMatch™ Jukebox, Siren Jukebox Xpress™, Media Station, Yamaha XG Player™, Kool karaoke™ Lite, Power DVD™ 3.0 (trial version).
  • REQUIRES- Pentium® Pentium™ MMX 233MHz & higher, PCI 2.1 slot, 32MB RAM,
    CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, Windows™ 95/98/2000/Millenium.

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