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ONKYO SE-U55 External USB Digital Audio Processor

onkyo se u55 external usb digial audio processor
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  • ONKYO SE-U55 External USB Digital Audio Processor ( PC / Mac ) The Onkyo SE-U55 USB Digital Audio Processor takes your Windows or Mac computer to an unprecedented level of audio/computing convergence. While conventional sound cards meet most expectations sonic performance is clearly inferior to that of the well-designed stand-alone audio system. High-speed digital ICs switch-mode power supplies and cooling fans used in computers generate high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

  • The sound card itself acts as an antenna pulling in this radiation which corrupts and degrades the sound you hear.
  • The SE-U55 performs all analog processing in a well-shielded environment outside the computer case
  • Just connect the unit to a USB port on your computer Power is drawn from the USB bus
  • Uses standard drivers included with Windows 98/ME/2000 and Mac OS 9.0.4 with Multimedia Update 1.0
  • Includes optical/coaxial digital inputs/outputs plus RCA analog ins & outs a headphone jack & a microphone input
  • Includes sophisticated software package and USB/RCA cables
  • Dimensions 8-1/2 H x 1-15/16 W x 6-9/16 D; weighs 1.5 pounds

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