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Sound Blaster Extigy

$145. Refurbished. 30 day warranty

sound blaster extigy
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  • Hook-up to your PC or notebook with the hassle-free external USB connection
  • Experience high-definition audio with 24-bit multi-channel performance with 100dB SNR clarity
  • Transform your PC into a home-theater system with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound
  • Enrich your listening experience with innovative EAX ADVANCED HD music enhancement tools
  • The External Sound Blaster for stunning digital audio fidelity for your PC and notebook. Hook-up to your PC or notebook with the hassle-free external USB connection. Experience high-definition audio with 24-bit multi-channel
    performance with 100dB SNR clarity. Transform your PC into a home-theater system with Dolby Digital 5.1
    surround sound. Enrich your listening experience with innovative EAX ADVANCED HD music enhancement tools.


Stunning Music Playback

  • Sound Blaster Extigy will amaze you with stunning digital audio fidelity from remarkable 24-bit/96kHz DACs at 100dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) that out performs many high-end stereo receivers. Connect Sound Blaster Extigy to any quality analog or digital speaker and hear your PC and notebook audio come alive.

Creative PlayCenter™ 3-- Your Personal Digital Music Center

  • With Creative PlayCenter 3 digital music center, you will be in total control of your music library. With 9X encoding acceleration, you can rip near CD-quality MP3 and WMA music files (at 320 Kbps) in an instant! Organize, customize and even record your favorite MP3 music to your CDRW for maximum listening enjoyment.

EAX ADVANCED HD Music Enhancements Tools

  • Tired of noisy or dull recordings? Clean up your favorite MP3 music and add environmental effects, including ‘club-like’ surround sound, to multi-channel and stereo music with a host of EAX ADVANCED HD music tools. Simply click the EAX logo on your PlayCenter 3 and mix and enhance your digital music like a pro.
Cinema-like surround sound with Dolby Digital® 5.1
  • Turn your PC or notebook into a home-theater system with Sound Blaster Extigy’s onboard Dolby Digital multi-channel hardware. Plug in your surround sound speakers, like the Creative Inspire™ 5.1 5300 series, and make your DVD movies and gaming experience come alive. Sound Blaster Extigy even detects Dolby Digital signals and your speaker configuration automatically for instant surround sound immersion.

‘Surround’ Yourself with CMSS

  • Music enthusiasts will love the new, one-touch CMSS button that instantly up-mixes your favorite stereo recordings, including MP3 and WMA music files, into 5.1 surround sound. If you don’t currently own a set of 5.1 surround sound speakers, check out the new Creative Inspire 5300 speakers for unsurpassed music and home-theater entertainment.

Experience multi-channel Gameplay

  • Once you connect your Sound Blaster Extigy to your PC or notebook, you can utilize a wide variety of high-powered EAX gaming effects, including- Occlusion, Obstruction, DirectSound 3D, 3D Positional Audio, and more.


High Definition Audio Quality

  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) exceeding 100dB using high linearity, low distortion 24-bit converters with resolutions of up to 96kHz
  • 24-bit / 96kHz Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) for various analog inputs
  • 24-bit / 96kHz Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) for 6-channel analog speaker and headphone output
  • Independent 24-bit Analog-to-Digital Converters for Line and Microphone input controls to provide recording and mixing flexibility
  • Supports Sony/Philips Digital Interface (SPDIF) format input signal of up to 24-bit / 96kHz quality

Professional Quality DSP Engine

  • Creative's high performance hardware Digital Signal Processor for precise sampling rate conversion, CMSS®, 3D audio algorithm processing, digital mixing or bass management; as well as accurate Dolby Digital processing
  • Host based 32-bit floating point effects engine for professional quality real-time effects, processing, mixing and positioning of audio streams

EAX® ADVANCED HD™ Advanced Audio and 3D Audio Music Technologies

  • Optimized user-selectable settings for headphones, two, four or six speakers and external A/V amplifiers
  • Improved Creative Multi-Speaker Surround™ (CMSS) technology accurately places any mono or stereo source in a 360o audio space
  • Realistic EAX technology reverb, panning and elevation effects bring life to your music and games
  • Advanced Time Scaling feature allows variable playback duration without altering pitch of original content
  • Powerful Audio Clean-Up feature removes noise and 'clicks' from playback of vinyl disks or cassette tape recordings

Dynamic Dolby Digital® Playback

  • Dolby Laboratory approved hardware. Dolby Digital decoding that does not rely on the host processor power for decoding, resulting in a consistent Dolby Digital playback that does not depend on the software or hardware DVD player
  • Dedicated Dolby Digital (AC-3) hardware DSP decoder with support of up to 24-bit I/O data format. Ability to decode Dolby Digital streams from optical, coaxial SPDIF input or host PC via USB connection
  • Built-in 24-bit DACs provide optimum audio resolution for Dolby Digital playback, making it the perfect partner for DVD applications
  • Optimum bass management feature allows speakers of different sizes to be accommodated - be it Creative Inspire™ range of 5.1 channel speakers or '6-channel ready' home A/V amplifiers
  • Provides mixing of Dolby Digital audio with the real-time gameplay audio effects - a feature that a normal consumer Dolby Digital A/V receiver is not capable of supporting Advanced USB Features
  • Optimized dynamic bandwidth allocation architecture for audio data transfer via USB bus. This architecture provides support of simultaneous playback of 5.1 multi-channel audio together with a compressed Dolby Digital (AC-3) stream. This is ideal for playing 3D games with Dolby Digital tracks

Works with the Following Standards

  • Windows 98SE, 2000, Me and XP
  • Sound Blaster MIDI and General MIDI
  • Plug and Play™
  • EAX ADVANCED HD for music
  • EAX
  • Microsoft DirectSound®, DirectSound®3D & derivatives
  • Dolby Digital
  • USB 1.1

Sound Blaster Extigy Audio Performance

  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-Weighted) >= 100dB
  • Crosstalk (Left/Right and vice versa) = -97dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise at 1kHz (A-Weighted) = 0.006 %
  • Frequency Response at -3dBr = < 10Hz to 23kHz Specifications are based on digital-to-analog audio playback (e.g. CDDA, WAV, MP3, Dolby Digital)

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