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Sound Blaster Live! Dolby Digital 5.1

sound blater live gamer 5.1
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  • Intensify your gaming with the power of clear digital and analog 5.1 audio
  • Surround yourself with head-turning 3D positional audio with the dynamic accuracy and realism of EAX™
  • Experience real-time audio and effects acceleration with the powerful EMU10K1™ Digital Signal Processor
  • Enjoy 5.1 sound when connected to the 5.1 speaker series from Cambridge SoundWorks®: DTT3500 Digital, DTT2200, and Dolby® Digital-ready 5.1 home theater systems
  • For the most intense, multi-dimensional gaming experience with a thunderous home-theater feel, get the Sound Blaster Live! Gamer 5.1. Powered by the superior EMU10K1 Digital Signal Processor, you’ll experience real-time audio and effects with staggering hardware acceleration that will keep your adrenaline pumping.

    With the ability to connect to Dolby® Digital and multi-channel digital speaker systems or analog audio devices you can experience true 5.1 surround sound on your games. Track your opponents every move with the accurate and realistic 3D positional audio effects of EAX - hear enemies creeping up from behind and spaceships ripping through the sky with incredible realism.

    Arm yourself with the power and quality of Sound Blaster Live! Gamer 5.1 to stay on top of the game.

sound blaster live gamer 5.1


Features and Performance
The Sound Blaster Live! Gamer 5.1 provides a full 5.1 surround-sound experience in either digital or analog mode. You’ll get superior sound quality with Dolby Digital 5.1 technology in movies by connecting a Cambridge SoundWorks DeskTop Theater 5.1 DTT3500 Digital speaker solution to the digital-out connector on Sound Blaster Live! Gamer 5.1. Or connect the Sound Blaster Live! Gamer 5.1 to analog devices such as the Cambridge SoundWorks DeskTop Theater 5.1 DTT2200 speaker solution or any Dolby Digital-ready home theater system to experience 5.1 audio in your games.

Quality Digital Signal Processor
The revolutionary EMU10K1 Digital Signal Processor gives you all the power you need to create crystal-clear audio files. Because processing and playback remains entirely digital, your files maintain the highest level of audio quality with settings optimized for headphones, two, four, or 5.1 speakers and home stereo systems.

EAX is a collection of powerful, innovative audio technologies. Developed by Creative’s world-class audio scientists and built into ground breaking Personal Digital Entertainment (PDE) solutions, EAX is changing the way audio is experienced. EAX adds interactive and high-definition audio to the Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 cards. With EAX’s 3D audio technology, 5.1 analog and digital sound, and audio environment effects, you can experience advanced 3D positional audio. Sounds will appear to come from all corners of the room with the added acoustical effects consistent with the room acoustics, position of the player, source of the sound, etc. You’ll be amazed at the difference EAX adds, not only to your games, but to all of your audio entertainment.

Sound Blaster Live! Gamer 5.1 is fully supported by the Live!Ware upgrade program. This program is your direct vehicle to future product features and enhancements. Simply visit, download the latest Live!Ware software to upgrade the re-programmable EMU10K1 processor to continuously enhance your audio experiences.

  • INTERFACE - PCI 32-bit bus-mastering
  • WAVETABLE - E-mu Systems EMU10K1 music synthesis engine; 64-voice polyphony
    with E-mu's 8-point interpolation technology; Uses SoundFont technology for user-definable wavetable sample sets (includes 2MB, 4MB & 8MB sets); Load up to 32MB of sample into host memory for professional music reproduction; Scalable PCI wavetable syn-thesis architecture; Up to 1024-voice polyphony with multitimbre
    capability; 48 MIDI channels with 128 GM & GS-compatible instruments and 10 drum kits. EFFECTS - E-mu Systems EMU10K1 patented effects processor; Supports real-time digital effects like reverb, chorus, flange, pitch shifter, or distortion across any audio source; Capable of processing, mixing, and positioning audio streams using up to 131 available hardware channels; Full digital mixer maintains all sound mixing in the digital domain, eliminating noise from the signal; Full bass, treble, and effects controls available for all audio sources; Customizable effects architecture allows audio effect and channel control.
  • 3D AUDIO - User-selectable settings are optimized for headphones and two or four speakers; Accelerates Microsoft DirectSound and Direct-Sound 3D; Accelerates Environmental Audio property set extensions; Creative Multi Speaker Surround technology places any mono or stereo sound source in a 360 degree audio space; Creative Environment Audio: user-selectable DSP modes that simulate acoustic environments like Hall, Theater, Club, etc.
  • 32-BIT AUDIO- User-selectable bit rates from 8- to 16-bit; Processes sample rates from 5kHz to 48kHz; All sound sources are handled with 32-32-bit precision; Analog and Digital I/O modes supported; Hardware full-duplex support enables simultaneous record and playback at 8 standard sample rates; Utilizes AC97 audio codec.
  • MIDI PORT - Supports MPU-401 UART mode; IBM compatible 15-pin joystick port
    with analog support; Support for digital and DirectInput game devices.
  • CONNECTORS- Digital Out (Front & Rear S/PDIF Output), Line In, Microphone In, Line level out (Front)/Headphone out, Line level out (Rear), MIDI/Joystick Port, Telephone Answering Device In, MPC-3 Analog
    CD Audio In, Expansion header for Optical Digital I/O card or Live!Drive (available separately).
  • COMPATIBILITY- Works with the following standards: Windows 95/98/NT 4.0, General MIDI, MPC-3, Plug n' Play, Sound Blaster PCI, Environmental Audio Extensions, Microsoft DirectSound/DirectSound 3D and derivatives, AC97 compliant.
  • SOFTWARE- Creative PlayCenter 2.1, IPTEL Buddy Talk, Oozic Player 3.0, Creative Launcher 1.53, Creative Recorder 1.04, Creative Wave-Studio 4.10, Audio HQ.
  • REQUIRES- Pentium 166MHz or faster, 32MB RAM, 160MB free hard drive space, Open half-length PCI 2.1 compliant slot, CD-ROM drive, and Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000.

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