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Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum

sound blaster audigy platinum sound card
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  • Stunning 24-bit multi-channel performance and 100dB SNR for high definition audio
  • Innovative EAX® ADVANCED HD™ technology delivers high definition audio environments for ultra-realistic gaming and enriched music effects
  • Fully integrated SB1394 (IEEE® 1394 compliant) ensures optimum performance for qualified products like DV Camcorders, digital audio players, external hard drives/high speed CD-RWs, and home entertainment equipment
  • Professional home recording studio with expanded front panel multi I/O connectivity, low latency ASIO™ support and bundled music creation tools
  • Tap into unprecedented high definition audio and extensive front panel connectivity with Sound Blaster® Audigy™ Platinum. You'll experience incredible audio clarity with 24-bit multi-channel 5.1 sound, and stunning 100dB SNR. The increased power of the Audigy chip enables EAX® ADVANCED HD™ to deliver a host of innovative high
    definition audio effects with next generation interactive 3D audio for gaming, and sophisticated effects for music.
    Front panel connectivity of the Audigy drive has the most comprehen-sive connectors for analog or digital devices including home-stereo receivers, Optical DATs, MIDI devices, and professional audio gear. You'll also have the advantage of high speed connectivity to SB1394™ qualified devices like DV Camcorders, digital audio players, and
    external hard drives/high speed CD-RWs.

  • Front Panel Internal Audigy Drive - Comprehensive connectors including Optical I/O, SPDIF I/O, MIDI I/O, AUX-IN, Mic IN and SB1394 provide extensive connectivity to digital and analog, PC and CE devices.
  • ASIO™ - Enjoy 2ms low-latency performance with ASIO support for professional multi-track recording.
  • SoundFont® 2.1 - With SoundFont's powerful 64-voice digital sampling synthesis capabilities, you'll experience the same professional quality sampling used by today's hit record producers.
  • Digital Video Camcorder Support - Plug-in your IEEE® 1394-enabled DV Camcorder and create amazing digital movies using your current or bundled digital video editing suite.
  • 24-bit/100dB SNR Listen to MP3s, WMAs, CDs, and any stereo music with high definition audio clarity surpassing high-end home theater receivers.
  • Dolby® Digital Decoding – Enjoy true 5.1 multi-channel playback in music with on-board Dolby Digital decoding capabilities. No need for a separate decoder!
  • Wireless Remote Control - Conveniently control your PC home theater entertainment with the easy-to-use remote control and software application.
  • EAX ADVANCED HD offers dramatically increased 3D audio performance and functionality, delivering superior audio fidelity and sophisticated reverb effects for high definition audio environments such as Multi-Environment™, Environment Morphing™, Environment Panning™ , Environment Reflections™ - , Environment Filtering™ and Extreme Effects™
  • Highly optimized for Sound Blaster Audigy, the new 3D audio engine improves 3D sound imaging in both multi-speaker systems and headphones allowing you to locate and frag your opponents quickly.
  • Create an intense multi-player gaming environment with easy SB1394 PC-to-PC connectivity and low latency gameplay performance beyond LAN gaming.
  • Unsurpassed clarity in audio CD, MP3 or WMA playback at 24-bit, 100dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio.
  • Creative PlayCenter™ 3 - Your personal digital music center on the PC! Rip MP3 and WMA files with the included 320 Kbps encoder for up to 9X encoding acceleration. Burn your own audio CDs from digital music libraries, create playlists, as well as organize and customize your entire digital audio collection.
  • Audio Clean-Up - Click Removal and Noise Reduction removes unwanted "hiss" and scratches from MP3s or recordings from old tapes and LPs.
  • Time Scaling - Speed up or slow down audio playback without changing the pitch or audio quality. 
  • DREAM™ - Create enhanced, "club-like" surround sound from any stereo source by redirecting the path of a specific frequency range.
  •  Benefit from maximum compatibility to qualified devices like the future SB1394  NOMAD® Jukebox, external CD-RW drives and other SB1394 qualified peripherals.

  • INTERFACE - PCI 32-bit bus-mastering
    Synthesizer Chip: Audigy
    Synthesizer Type: Wavetable
    Polyphony : 64 (with 8-point interpolation)
    RAM size : Based on System RAM, up to 1GB
    Sample Sets : 4 and 8 MB
    Synthesizer Effects: Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Pitch Shifter, Distortion, etc.
    MIDI Channels : 48
    Effects Engine : 32-bit 
    Duplex Type : Full
    Max. Recording Depth : 16-bit
    Max. Recording Rate : 48kHz
    Max. Playback Depth : 24-bit
    Max. Playback Rate : 96kHz
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 100dB
    Soundfont Support : Yes, including Soundfont 2.1
    Built-in Amplifier : No
    Microphone In; Line In; Line Out (Front)/Speaker Out; Line Out (Rear); MIDI/Joystick Port, as a separate attachment. MPC3 CD Audio In; Auxiliary In; S/PDIF In (on AudigyDrive); Telephone Answering Device (TAD) In.
    24-bit DAC (Digital to Analog Convertor); 24-bit ADC (Analog to Digital Convertor); Analog/Digital Out Yes (Analog: Center & Subwoofer/Digital: 6-channel S/PDIF); Digital DIN Support; SB1394 Connector; CD Digital In.
  • MISC.
    4 Speaker Support, Creative MultiSpeaker Surround, Creative Environments, 5.1 Speaker Support, Headphone Support, Front/Rear Speaker Level Adjustment, Center Speaker Level Adjustment, Subwoofer Level Adjustment, Crossover Frequency Adjustment (10 - 200Hz), Dolby Digital 5.1 Pass-through (with Dolby Digital-capable softDVD player), DTS pass-through Yes (with DTS-capable softDVD player).
    Uses internal 5.25" bay. Includes InfraRed receiver and InfraRed Remote Control with batteries.
    Ports: S/PDIF Out, Optical In, Optical Out, Aux In 2, Headphone Out, Line In 2, Mic In 2 (shared with Line In 2). Supports both dynamic and condenser types.
    Windows ME/2000/Windows 98 (Win 98SE required for SB1394 support), Windows NT 4.0, DOS. Windows XP downloadable. General MIDI, MPC3, Plug & Play, Sound Blaster PCI, EAX Support, Microsoft DirectSound, Microsoft DirectSound 3D & Derivatives, AC'97, MPU-401 UART, Dolby® Digital 5.1 decoding, EAX Advanced HD, ASIO Support.
    Creative PlayCenter 3, Creative Surround Mixer, Goldmine Demo, Oozic™ Player, 
    Giants: Citizen Kabuto, FireNet - Unibrain.
    Min: Intel® Pentium® 266MHz, AMD® K6 300MHz or faster processor; Intel®, AMD or 100% compatible motherboard chipset. 64MB system RAM (128MB Highly Recommended) 600 MB of free hard disk space Windows® 98/98SE/NT® 4.0/2000/Millennium Edition (Windows XP drivers to be downloaded from Free half-length PCI 2.1 compliant slot for Audigy™ card. Free adjacent slot for Joystick/MIDI bracket (optional). Headphones or amplified speakers (available separately). CD-ROM drive required for software installation. Free 5 1/4" PC drive bay (for Sound Blaster Audigy drive).

Additional Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel® Pentium® II 350 MHz/MMX or AMD® 450 MHz/3Dnow! for SB1394 applications or games.
  • SB1394: Works only on Windows® 98 SE/2000/Millennium Edition.
  • DV Editing: 128MB recommended for Digital Video (DV) capture and editing. Ultra DMA hard disk with 1GB workspace (ATA-100, 7,200rpm with 6GB recommended.
    Games: 128MB system memory recommended, a 3D accelerator with at least 8MB of texture RAM, available 300-500MB disk space. Games may not work optimally under Windows 2000. Check out latest updates from
  • DVD: At least a 2nd generation DVD-ROM drive with these recommended soft-DVD players: Intervideo's WinDVD 2000 or CyberLink's PowerDVD 3.0 and above.
  • Internet Radio: Requires at least a 56Kbps modem and an active Internet connection before running the application.

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