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Epraizer Acousta 2.1 Speaker System

Epraizer Acousta 2.1 Speaker System
  • Provides 44 powerful watts of bas
  • Has a 3-channel amplifier
  • Includes subwoofer level controls
  • Their magnetically shielded

Epraizer Acousta 2.1 Speaker System
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Surround yourself with an ultra-deep,
resonating bass!

  • This powerful three-piece system provides full dynamic, realistic sounds with its subwoofer and satellite speaker combination. Its ergonomic cube satellite speakers give you outstanding fidelity and stereo imaging, and its floor-mounted subwoofer revs up a deep, solid bass response. It's all thanks to its 3-channel amplifier with its built-in-high-pass electronic crossover.
  • So start hearing what you've been missing--with the Epraizer Acousta Speaker System. It provides big sounds, without the big price!

  • Provides 44 powerful watts of bass: Plus you can adjust the two 8-watt satellites. There's no need to worry about any adverse effects with your monitor, either; they're magnetically shielded.

  • Has a 3-channel amplifier: This delivers a built-in high-pass electronic crossover for a very high-fidelity sound.

  • Includes subwoofer level controls: Many computer speaker systems--especially those in this price range--don't allow you to adjust the bass. This one does! Plus, you can also mute the system and adjust the satellites' volume.


Maximum Output 44 watts: subwoofer; 8 watts satellites

Frequency Response 40Hz ~ 21KHz

Acoustic Output 92 dB

Sizes of Drive Units 5 1/4": subwoofer; 3" full-range magnetically shielded satellites

P.M.P.O 500 watts

Dimensions Subwoofer: 150 x 185 x 240mm; satellites: 86 x 105 x 121mm; amplifier casing: 150 x 55 x 195mm

Weight 11.24 lbs (5.1 kg)

One-year limited, provided by manufacturer

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