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Multimedia Speakers

Computer speakers - from basic computer speakers to high end multimedia speakers with sub-woofers




Part # Price

aerospace woofer Aerospace Woofer High quality internal amplifier produces 50 Watts of power. Convenient control  552300 N.A.

  Altec Lansing 221 3 piece audio system 552284 $75

altec lansing 621 speakers Altec Lansing 621 We can’t send you on tour with your favorite band, but our premium 621 system will take your senses for an unforgettable ride with 200 watts of power. 552266 $137

altec lansing 641 5 piece speaker system Altec Lansing 641  5 Piece Speaker SystemA dual-ported subwoofer delivers deep, sustaining bass that brings your favorite games to life. If you’re serious about gaming, this system will blow you away. 552271 N/A

altec lansing 2100 3 piece speaker system Altec Lansing 2100 Black & Silver 3 Piece Speaker System.  50 Watts total power. 552263 $84

altec lansing 4100 5 peice speaker system Altec Lansing 4100 Black & Silver 5 Piece Speaker System.  140 Watts total power. 552264 $132

altec lansing acs45.2 3 piece speaker system Altec Lansing ACS45.2 Powercube 2.1 3 Piece Speaker System with subwoofer, 20 Watts 552260 N/A

altec lansing acs33x 2 piece speaker system Altec Lansing ACS33 2 Piece Speaker System 10 Watts 552265 N/A

altec lansing atp3 3 piece speaker system Altec Lansing ATP3 Black 3 Piece Speaker System.  30 Watts.



altec lansing acs54 speaker system Altec Lansing ACS54 Powerplay Plus 5 Speaker System 40 Watts. 552274 $54

altec lansing avs200 2 piece speaker system Altec Lansing AVS200 White 2 Piece entry level speaker system.  6 Watts total power. 552268 $23

altec lansing avs 300x 3 piece speaker system Altec Lansing AVS300 White 3 Piece Speaker System.  35 Watts total power. 552270 $36

altec lansing avs500 5 piece speaker system Altec Lansing AVS500 Multimedia 4.1 White 5 Piece Speaker System. 60 Watts total power. 552272 $42

altec lansing xa3021 3 piece speaker system Altec Lansing XA3021 For more realistic and intense video gaming and movies, you can’t go wrong with this powerful system. 3Piece  



audiostorm fs2 speaker system Audiostorm FS2 Ultra Thin 2 Piece Flat Panel Speakers. Beige Color. 552153 $20

benwin gx6 3 piece flat panel speaker system Benwin GX-6 3 Piece Flat Panel Speaker Set - Black. One subwoofer and 2 flat panel speakers.  552277 N.A.

benwin sp691 speaker system Benwin SP691 15W Multimedia Speaker System.  Volume control, on/off power indicator, headphone jack.  60Hz - 20KHz.   Plug & Play. 2 Piece 552275 $9

epraizer acousta 21. speaker system Epraizer - Acousta 2.1 Speaker System Provides 44 powerful watts of bass. Has a 3-channel amplifier. Includes subwoofer level controls. Magnetically shielded. 552280 $37

harmon kardon hk695 speakers Harman Kardon HK-695  3-piece speaker system from one of the leaders in sound includes 2 satellite speakers and one sub-woofer. 6W per satellite + 28W subwoofer.  (Refurbished) 552283 N.A

harman odyssy champange black speakers Harman Kardon Odyssey Black 3-Piece Speaker System - Includes 2 satellite speakers and one sub-woofer.  552278 $102

harman kardon special edition speakers Harmon Kardon Champange SE Champagne Special Edition completes the experience by providing stereo and four-channel input capabilities. 552282 $132

tdk tremor s150 speaker system TDK Tremor S150 Perfect for those who demand the most intense multimedia, music and video gaming experiences. 3-Piece Speaker System  552110 $133

tdk tremor s60 speaker system TDK Tremor S60 Creates a stunningly detailed audio environment where crystal clear highs are reinforced by powerful bass. 3-Piece Speaker System  552202 $64

labtec edge 418 speaker system Labtec Edge 418 Flat Panel Satellites, 19 watt subwoofer, 11 watt satellites (2), Power & Bass C Wood-enclosed Subwoofer with Max-X™ Drive. 3-Piece Speaker System  552281 N.A.

hi fi pc698 speaker system PC-698 Hi-Fi Speakers PMPO - 160W.  Volume control, on/off power indicator, headphone jack.   50Hz - 16KHz.   Built-in amplifier.  110V powered speaker pair. 552276 $10

yamaha ms55dw speaker system Yamaha YST-MS55DW 80 Watt USB Analog 3-piece speaker. 552021 $139

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