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Barebones Computer Systems

High End barebone systems
The term barebones and bare bones are synonomous

The following barebone systems are meant for those who want to put together a high end high performance workstation or server. These higher level barebone  systems include a computer case, power supply and motherboard. They do not include CPU, memory, drives etc. unless otherwise stated. Warranty: One year.

  1. Barebone Computer: Model Bare H5: $571 - Part # 320200
    CS-510 Full Tower Case with 10 drive bays, 400 Watts Power Supply and SuperMicro P4SCE-O motherboard. Supports up to 3.06GHz P4. FSB 800/533/400MHz. Intel 875P/ICH5R chipset. 4 DIMM sockets support DDR400 / 333 / 266 up to 4GB of ECC or NON-ECC. 2 x SATA and 2 x ATA100. On-Board RAID: INTEL ICH5R, SATA RAID 0, ATI RAGE XL SVGA 8MB PCI VIDEO CONTROLLER, Dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet Controller, 5 x PCI slots. On-board USB 2.0/1.1; 3 USB headers for 6 additional USB. 1 IR header. ATX form factor. 

  2. Barebone Computer: Model Bare H10: $778 - Part # 320205
    CS-510 Full Tower Case with 10 drive bays and 400 Watts Power Supply and Tyan Thunder K7 (S2462) motherboard. Supports Dual AMD Athlon MP processors. AMD 760-MP (AMD 762 Northbridge AMD766 Southbridge) chipset. Supports DDR 266/200 MHz FSB. 4 x 184 pin DIMM 25o angled sockets up to 3GB of registered PC2100/ PC1600 DDR memory . 5 x PCI, 1 x AGP slots. Dual UDMA100/66/33. Onboard Dual VRM (Voltage Regulation Module), Dual Ultra160 SCSI controller, Dual LAN controllers, ATI Rage XL video, Extended ATX from factor (330mm x 304.8mm).

  3. Barebone Computer: Model Bare H15: $1,433 - Part # 320210
    MPE-FT4 Full Tower 400 Watt ATX power supply. SuperMicro P4DC6+ Dual Xeon motherboard. 400MHz FSB. Four RIMM sockets support up to 2.0GB of RDRAM. 6 PCI, 1AGP, Adaptec SCSI RAID controller, Dual EIDE Ultra DMA/100, AC97 audio, extended ATX.

  4. SuperMicro SuperServer 8052-6. $2,999. Part # 320211
    Supermicro's most powerful server to date, the SuperServer 8052-6 provides extremely high-end processing for the most demanding applications. Utilizing the ServerWorks' Grand Champion HE chipset, the 8052 supports quad Intel Xeon processors MP and up to 32 GB of PC1600 SDRAM. Features include Ultra160 SCSI, PCI-X bus technology, zero channel SCSI RAID support, integrated 10/100 Mb LAN, optional IPMI (1.5) and 700 watts of redundant power. The computational power and reliability of the 8052 makes it ideal for mission critical applications, large databases, e-business, Internet, on line transaction processing, clustering and thin client server applications.

We also carry system case accessories and cooling units

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Warranty is one year on all barebone computers.

Major benefits of barebone computer systems are:

If we don't have the type of high end barebone computer that you need, e-mail us and we will try to put together a customized system for you. Talk to us. The more you tell us, the better we can serve you. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

If none of the above barebone systems meet your requirements or you would like a different case or motherboard, just send us an e-mail of what you would like substituted and we will give you our quote.

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