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Barebones Computer Systems

Midrange - Not entry level nor too high end

The term barebones and bare bones are synonymous

These barebone systems include a computer case, power supply and motherboard. They do not include CPU, memory, drives etc. unless otherwise stated. Warranty: One year.

mini bare bone system, midrange barebone computer systems
Barebone Computer: Model Bare M10: $299 - Part # 320115
Aluminum Micro Chassis. 160 watt power supply, Flex ATX form factor. Socket 370 type CPU. Intel Pentium III(Tualatin) with 100/133MHz FSB. Up to 512MB of 168-pin PC100 /PC133 SDRAM. On-board Audio, Video, LAN, Firewire. 

Medium Tower Bare Bone Computer, black barebone computer systems
Barebone Computer: Model Bare M15: $168 - Part # 320100
MPE-MN1 Tower Case. 300W Power Supply. ATX form factor and Soyo SY-P4VDA motherboard. FSB 533/400. VIA P4X266A / 8233A chipset, 3 x 184-pin DDR DIMM sockets. 5 PCI, 1 AGP slot. On-Board audio and LAN. ATX form factor.

Medium Tower Bare Bone Computer, black barebone computer systems
Barebone Computer: Model Bare M17: $175 - Part # 320102
MPE-MN1 Tower Case. 300W Power Supply and PC Chips M935DLU motherboard. Supports socket 478 P4 and Celeron. 533/400 FSB, SiS650GX/962L chipset, 2 DDR 266/200 DIMM sockets, 2 PCI, 1 4xAGP, 1 AMR Slot. On board audio, video, LAN and 4 USB ports. Micro ATX Form Factor.

Medium Tower Bare Bone Computer
Barebone Computer: Model Bare M20: $241 - Part # 320105
MPE-MD20 Medium Tower Case. 350W ATX Power Supply,  Silver and Black and Asus A7V600  motherboard. VIA KT-600 chipset. FSB 400/333. 1 AGP, 6 PCI; 3 DDR DIMM sockets supporting up to 3.0 GB of RAM. On-Board serial ATA, RAID, audio and 10/100 LAN. ATX Form Factor.

Barebone Computer: Model Bare M35: $289 - Part # 320110
Medium Tower Case Model MPE-MD16 with 300 Watt power supply and Asus P4T533-C
Socket 478 for Intel Pentium 4, Intel 82850E MCH, Intel 82801 BA ICH2 Chipset, 533/400 MHz FSB, 4 x 184-pin RIMM Sockets support max. 2GB, 1 x AGP, 5 x PCI, on board audio/video, LAN, ATX Form Factor.

We also carry system case accessories and cooling units

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Warranty is one year on all barebone computers.

Major benefits of barebone computer systems are:

If we don't have the type of barebone computer that you need, e-mail us and we will try to put together a customized system for you. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

If none of the above barebone systems meet your requirements or you would like a different case or motherboard, just send us an e-mail of what you would like substituted and we will give you our quote.

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