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SuperServer 8052-6
  • Quad, Dual or Single Intel® Xeon Processors MP of up to 2.0GHz
Front Side BUS
  • 400MHz
  • ServerWorks GC-HE
I/O Expansion
  • 6 64-bit, PCI-X 100MHz
Onboard I/O Devices
  • Adaptec AIC-7899 dual channel Ultra160 SCSI controller
  • Adaptec ZCR SCSI RAID support (Green slot)
  • Intel® 82550 Ethernet controller
  • ATI Rage XL 8MB PCI graphic controller 
  • Dual Ultra DMA (ATA 100) bus master/EIDE channels support data transfer rates of up to 100 MB/sec
  • 2 Fast UART 16550A compatible serial ports
  • UP TO 3 USB ports
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
  • 4Mb Flash ROM
  • BIOS rescue recovery feature
  • Hardware BIOS virus protection
  • ACPI/APM power management PnP
  • PXE headless support
PC Health Monitoring
  • 4 Onboard voltage monitors for CPU 
  • 4 Fan status
  • Environmental temperature monitor and control
  • Chassis and CPU overheat alarm, LED indication and control
  • System resource alert
  • Width: 14.9 in.
  • Height: 19.9 in.
  • Depth: 22.8 in.
  • Weight: 112 lb.
  • 380X505X580mm
Form Factor
  • Tower SWTX
Power Supply
  • Triple redundant hot-plug power supply (PWS-0040)
  • 700W continuous power for normal operations plus 350W backup
  • Auto-switching 100/225 AC power
  • Power levels are continuously monitored
  • Power failure indicated by LED and sound
  • Eliminates system downtime
SCA Subsystem
  • 10 Hot-plug Ultra160 SCA 3.5" SCSI drive bays (for one-inch high, 80-pin SCA SCSI drives)
  • One SAF-TE compliant SCA backplane with QLogic GEM354 Enclosure Management Controller
  • SCA backplane provides power, bus termination 
  • RAID Level 5 configuration ensures backup for SCSI drive failures (O.S. Software RAID)
  • SCA backplane overheat LEDs and alarm
  • Failure Drive LED, Active LED
Cooling Subsystem
  • Four sets of redundant, hot-swap system cooling fans (intake) with LED and audible alarm to indicate fan failure
  • Two 9-cm drive bay cooling fans (exhaust)
  • Tachometer reading and automatic overheat speed-up control
External Drive Bays
  • 1 floppy drive
  • 1 3.5" drive bay
  • 3 5.25" drive bay
Other Features
  • Auto-switching voltage regulator modules (VRMs) for different CPU core voltages
  • LED indicators for power on, network activity, IDE HDD activity, power supply failure, fan failure, overheat warning and SCSI drive failure
  • Four lockable wheels
  • Fully detachable side panels
  • Pre-bundled control panel communication wires
  • Alarm reset switch
  • Power ON/OFF and system reset switches
  • PC'99 color-coded I/O connectors
  • Chassis intrusion detection
  • IPMI 1.5 (OEM option)
  • Adaptec ZCR SCSI RAID support
  • Watchdog support
  • LDCM

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