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The Bex Shuttle enclosure for 2.5" hard drives

Use it as an external unit or install it in your PC as a removable device

Internal Removable / External Portable 2.5"HDD Enclosure
Bex Shuttle

Bex Shuttle enclosure for 2.5" drives, USB and firewire

Supports all major brands of 2.5" IDE hard drives
USB 2.0 & Firewire interface. Portable light weight hard drive enclosure
Supports Real-Time Hot Swap, Plug & Play functions
Full aluminum scratch & crash proof surrounding body structure
Optional dock for 5.25" drive bays. If you want to install it in a PC as a removable unit
Suspension of hard drive & shock absorption designs for data stability
Internal rechargeable lion battery for hard drive initialize spin up support (USB 2.0 model only). This helps power up the drive with ease.
Power & hard drive access LED indicators



Part # 

620703 620704
Internal or External External External
Suitable drive 2.5" hard drive x 1
Interface USB2.0 IEEE-1394
USB / IEEE 1394 Data transfer rate 480Mb / Sec. 400Mb / Sec.
USB / IEEE 1394 to IDE Data transfer rate 224 -240Mb/Sec. 264 - 312Mb/Sec.
Docking station Optional Optional
Switching DC Adapter None AC input 100-240V,
DC output 5V/7W
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
HDD Power Indicator Green LED
HDD Access Indicator Amber LED
Battery Charge Indicator HDD Power indicator color
green changes to Amber
Hot Swap / Plug & Play Yes
Dimension (W x H x D) Bex Shuttle Disk Enclosure 100.6(W)x 32.7(H)x 153.1(D) mm
Bex Shuttle docking station 148(W)x 42(H)x 113(D) mm
Shuttle Disk Weight 156g (N.W.) 165g (N.W.)


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BEx shuttle external drive case for 2.5" laptop hard drives