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External SCSI Case / Chassis


Bex-HD-1S50 SCSI Case Front


For SCSI hard drives or CD-ROM drives

Install your drive in this unit, set the address switch, connect the cable to your SCSI card and you are done.



Product Description

Type  External SCSI enclosure / case / chassis
Device space  5.25" or 3.5" drive
Suitable drive  SCSI hard drive or  CD-ROM drive
Interface  50 pin, 68 pin or 80 pin
ID Switch  0-6
Material  Front Panel: Plastic ABS 94HB 
 Bottom: Zinc-plated steel 
 Outer Case: Zinc-plated steel
OS compatibility  Windows 98, NT,2000, XP
Power cord  Included
Color  Beige
Cooling fan  40x40x10 mm Cooling Fan +12V DC
Power supply  50W, Universal AC Input: 90-264VAC
 Output:+5V, 3A, +12V, 3A
Dimension (W x H x D)  10.2" x 7.67" x 2.36"
Weight  4lbs
Package contents
  • 5.25 drive enclosure
  • Power cord

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