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Blue Aluminum ATX Medium Tower Case


MPE-MD37 Aluminum tower case
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  • Aluminum structure with acrylic panel ; whole case with special elaborate polishing process
  • More drive bays than other PC cases in the market, 4x5.25" + 3x3.5" opening bays and 3x3.5" hidden bays for HDD.
  • Shinny auto coating (CS-5189AL excluded)
  • Fits in ATX, Pentium 4 M/B for best application
  • Wonderful ventilation design:total number of cooling fans up to 7 at front panel,side cover and back window.
  • Power supply is installed horizontally for space saving
  • More I/O port at front panel for easiest access, including USB, IEEE 1394, Audio, Game ports (RS-232),Mic.
  • Entry level server configuration applicable with total 10 drive bays.
  • Thumb screws,slide-in and removable M/B plate for easy system assembly.
  • 100% folded edge to avoid any physical injuries
  • Air opening on front and side panels for the best heat dissipation


  • Aluminum Case ; Thickness 2.0mm
  • ATX ; Pentium 4 M/B
  • Hard Drive & Power LED's on front panel
  • Cooling Fans: Standard: 1x8cm (at front) + 2x6cm (at back) + 1x8 cm and 12x8 cm on side mounting bracket.
  • 10 Drive bays
    External: 4 x 5.25"; 3 x 3.5"
    Internal: 3 x 3.5"
  • All Aluminum cases powered by Enermax Power Supplies- 300W, 350W, 430W.  Dual ball bearing fan with fan speed monitor/manual adjust.
  • Dimensions: 5510 x 200 x 420 mm
  • Front side I/O: USB, IEEE 1394, Audio, Parallel ports

MPE-MD37 Aluminum case - Temperature Indicator


MPE-MD37 Aluminum medium tower case

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