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Aluminum ATX Medium Tower Case


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  • Cool air is drawn through dual 80mm fan at front of case and blown directly onto motherboard and maximizes cooling.
  • One 80mm fan on top of the case exhausts the hot air which rises and accumulates.
  • Dual, standard USB ports at front of case for easy access.
  • Drawer-style motherboard tray for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Full EMI shielding to protect user from harmful electronic emissions.
  • Entire case is constructed of aluminum to conduct and disperse heat like a huge heat sink.
  • Highly flexible power supply options of 300W, 350W or 400W.
  • Tool-free assembly/disassembly for quick and convenient maintenance or upgrades.


  • All Aluminum Alloys
  • ATX Power Supply
  • 10 Drive bays:
    5.25' Bays (exposed) x 4
    3.5' Bays (exposed) x 2
    3.5' Bays (hidden) x 4
  • 300W P4, 350W P4 or 400W P4 Power Supply.  
  • Dual 80mm x 80mm x 25 mm Fan attached front panel. (in)
    One 80mm x 80mm x 25 mm Fan attached back panel (out)
    One 80mm x 80mm x 25 mmFan attached top panel. (out)
  • Dimensions: 497 mm(L) x 196 mm(W) x 452 mm(H)
  • Dual standard USB front port

NOTE:  Manufacturer highly reccommends and will not ship case with power supply installed in order to avoid damages.  Power supply must be installed by end user.  $5 additional shipping charge will be added.

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