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Intel Pentium 4 Motherboards

intel d850gb pentium 4 motherboard


Intel Pentium 4 motherboards are designed to hold Rambus RIMMs and produce bus speeds of 400 MHz and above.  Intel Pentium 4 motherboards promise faster speeds than ever seen before from the computer hardware industry.  The first Pentium 4 motherboard to be produced that supports Pentium 4 CPUs is Intel's G850DB motherboard.

Intel D850GB motherboard Features Intel D850GB motherboard Benefits
Support for the IntelŪ PentiumŪ 4 processor Supports 423-pin Pin Grid Array (PGA) package, and IntelŪ NetBurst™ micro-architecture which includes 400-MHz system bus
IntelŪ 850 Chipset Featuring Dual RDRAM* Channel Support Latest IntelŪ chipset to support the new Pentium 4 processor enhanced features. Delivers 3.2 GB/second bandwidth for maximum performance
IntelŪ Rapid BIOS Boot Reduced boot time enables faster system availability.
AGP 4X 1.5V Connector Supports the latest graphics technology.
Four RDRAM RIMM Sockets Supports fast PC800 and PC600 RDRAM* memory from 128 MB to 2 GB
Ultra ATA/100 Faster disk I/O.
Five PCI slots Expansion slots for custom system configurations and future add-in card upgrades
Four USB Ports Dual-stack rear connectors and header for two front-panel USB connectors
Communication and Networking Riser (CNR) Support New technology that supports integrated LAN, HPNA, modem or audio cards for overall system cost savings and customization
ATX Form Factor Form-factor standard for easy integration
Instantly Available PC (Suspend-to-RAM) Power-management mode to reduce PC power consumption. Allows PC to behave like consumer electronic appliance
IntelŪ Express Software Suite Software designed specifically for Intel desktop boards and ease of integration. Suite includes:
  • IntelŪ Express Installer
  • IntelŪ Active Monitor
  • Software Drivers
  • Product Guide
  • Norton* Internet Security 2000
  • Encryption Plus* Secure Export
Hardware Management ASIC (Optional) In coordination with Intel Active Monitor, allows monitoring of system conditions for lower total cost of ownership
Three-year limited warranty Expanded investment protection

We do currently have Intel's Pentium 4 motherboards available and if you would like to order one please go to our pricing page, click here for our pricing page.