Cygnion DG200 2.4 ghz Cordless Handset

with Charger Base Add-n Phone

cygnion dg200 cordless phone
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Part# 605003

The Cygnion DG200 2.4 ghz Cordless Handset is specifically designed to be used with the Cybergenie CY-CG2400 PC cordless phone system. This multi-line, multi-user system uses your personal computer to manage all of your communications. It's like having your own personal assistant to handle calls, voice mails, faxes and emails! Cybergenie easily recognizes your spoken commands through its unique sophisticated software, giving you a whole new range of benefits right at your fingertips!

  • Operating on the 2.4 GHz band, this CyberGenie Handset with charger from Cygnion keeps conversations crisp,clear, and uninterrupted, even as you work throughout the house, garden, or office complex. Add this expansion handset-charger to your expandable phone base to turn your cordless telephone into a multi-handset system.
  • With the advantage of the extra handset, you can transfer calls from room to room (each handset can operate independently and call independently)
  • This is a great way to add 2 phone line capability to any room of the house (or outside the house) without running new wires.
  • Caller ID
  • Digital spread spectrum technology
  • Excellent voice quality and optimized security
  • Extended range (up to 900 feet)
  • Download up to 100 contacts from your Cybergenie system to your handset
  • Hands-free headset compatible 15 hours of talk time/110 hours of standby time
  • Menu-driven functionality
  • Battery included

Estimated Retail Price:$ 69.99
Warranty: 90 days
Condition: New

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