Southwestern Bell GH2415MS Freedom Phone

2.4 GHz Digital Spread Spectrum

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Part# 605001

The Southwestern Bell GH2400 Cordless Freedom Phone combines 2.4 GHz technology with 50-channel auto search, resulting in an exceptionally clear signal and greater mobility than other cordless phones can provide. The compact handset fits comfortably in your hand and operates all the key functions.

The GH2400 has a memory feature that can store up to 10 phone numbers with up to 16 digits each for convenient dialing. If you misplace the handset, just press the page button on the base, and the handset rings. The phone also features one-touch redial and a flash function that opens a clear line or activates your call waiting or three-way calling options.

The Freedom Phone features security protections for your privacy. Voice scramble encodes the signal between the handset and the base when you place and receive calls, making it virtually impossible for someone to intercept or understand your private conversations. Your cordless phone also randomly selects one of 65,000 available security codes.

The Freedom Phone offers excellent sound quality and is easy to program. Its 2.4 GHz technology provides enhanced clarity, so your conversations will be static free up to about 80 feet from the base. The phone is designed with a dual-charge feature that allows the battery to be charged when the phone faces either up or down in the base. A belt clip gives you hands-free access to your phone and prevents your misplacing the handset when you take it outside.

Southwest Bell Freedom Phone Specifications:
  • Enhanced Clarity and Range
  • 40 Channel Autoscan
  • 20 Number Memory
  • Headset Jack (Headset Not Included), Compatible with 2.5mm plugs
  • Belt Clip
  • Long Life Battery
  • Dual Charge
  • Handset Locator
  • 50 Name and Number Caller ID Memories
  • Backlit LCD Handset Display
  • Scroll/Erase
  • Desk/Wall Mountable

Additional Features:

  • Caller Identification with Call Waiting
  • 50 Name and Number Memory
  • 3-Line Backlit LCD Display
  • New Call LED Indicator
  • Redial/Call Back

Estimated Retail Price: $99.99
Warranty: One year
Condition: Brand New

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