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Intel Pentium Pro CPU

Intel Pentium Pro Processors Part # Price US$
Intel Pentium PRO CPU / Processor
Intel Pentium Pro 200 MHz CPU with 256K cache. Heat sink included. OEM. 20 day warranty 520100 $28
Intel Pentium Pro 200 MHz CPU with 512K cache. OEM. 20 day warranty 520101 $48
CPU Cooling Fans:
Pentium Pro heat sink and cooling fan 650015 $22

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Prices are subject to change without notice.

We also carry system case accessories and cooling units.

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If we don't have the Intel Pentium Pro CPU that you need, e-mail us and we will try to get it for you. All CPUs are OEM versions except when it says Retail. The OEM version is the same CPU as the Retail version but it does not come in the Intel box and has only a twenty day warranty unless it says otherwise. The Retail version comes boxed by Intel, includes a cooling fan/heatsink and has a three year warranty. The OEM version does not come with a fan / heatsink, you have to buy it separately unless it says otherwise.