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Creative Labs Blaster 52x

Creative Labs Blaster 52x CD-ROM

Part# 840503


Creative Labs Blaster 52x

CD-ROM Blaster® 52X features AudioAccel™ technology for high-speed digital audio extraction rates when reading CDs, which are ideal for creating digital audio files such as MP3s or WAVs. Blaster 52X reaches a maximum of 7,800KB/second (52X) data transfer rate and delivers robust performance required for today's demanding CD-ROM applications.

Features and Performance

Create clean digital audio music faster
  • Rip CDs at 20X maximum rate with AudioAccel™ technology
  • Compile clear and crisp digital music from favorite CD tracks
  • Transfer CD-ROM data at up to 7,800KB/second (52X)
  • New, Bulk. One year warranty.
AudioAccel™ Technology for Blazing Ripping Speeds of up to 20X
The time to encode digital audio is affected by the extraction rate of the CD track to the host PC and the encoding software used. The Blaster 52X drive extracts CD tracks at a fast 20X maximum rate, making it possible to create compressed digital audio, such as MP3, WMA or WAV files, in less time than ever before.
Intelligent Control for Quality Ripping
To achieve accurate and clean rip quality, Blaster 52X drive features an Intelligent Control that adjusts the DAE speed to accommodate CDs with slight scratches, fingerprint marks or stains which are common on discs after extended use. This error-checking mechanism enables you to produce clear and clean digital audio tracks that sound great - without annoying pops and crackles.


  • Maximum data transfer rate of 7,800KB/second (52X)
  • Maximum digital audio extraction (DAE) rate of 3,000KB/second (20X)
  • 85ms average random access time
  • 128KB cache
  • Front panel headphone jack, volume control, busy indicator, stop/eject button
  • Front-loading, motorized tray design
  • Internal design
  • Enhanced IDE interface for increased performance
  • Supported disc formats include: CD Audio, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, Photo CD, Video CD, CD Extra, CD-RW, and CD-R
  • Supports DMA (direct memory access) mode for faster transfer rates and decreased CPU utilization

Minimum System Requirements

  • 233MHz Pentium® II or AMD K6™ processor
  • 400MHz processor and disk subsystem capable of 3.5 MB/s sustained data transfer rates recommended for 20X maximum DAE rate
  • Microsoft® Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® 2000, Windows® Millennium or Windows® NT 4.0
  • 32MB RAM
  • Available Enhanced IDE connector on motherboard (Bus Mastering DMA-enabled IDE connector recommended)
  • Available half-height drive bay (drive rails may be required for some systems and are not included)

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